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When a lot of homeowners think about the cost of heating and cooling equipment, they think of how much the system will cost them to purchase and have it installed. What is often forgotten about while researching, and what actually may be more important, is how much it costs to RUN. Buying a less efficient system that costs more to run will almost always cost you more money in the long run.

A heating and cooling system should last you 20+ years, so when you are taking into account how much your system is going to cost you, thinking about how much it will cost to run is even more important than the upfront cost! This Wenonah homeowner had too many heating bills that were through the roof, and decided it was time to replace their system with a more cost efficient one.

Problem: The old system cost too much to run, and they wanted a system that was more energy efficient and cost effective.

Solution: Replaced their boiler with a Weil McLane Natural Gas unit, and their A/C with a new Carrier unit.

The reason this homeowner wanted to upgrade their heating system to natural gas is for the efficiency of the new boiler and the savings that will result due to the cost of gas vs fuel oil. Also to reduce overall energy consumption and improved comfort, the homeowner invested in a Carrier Infinity level air conditioning system and a full home performance upgrade.

Carrier Air Conditioning
The Home Performance upgrade includes air sealing, sealing and insulating all the duct work located in the attic and adding blown cellulose insulation to better separate the attic plane from the house. It doesn’t matter how efficient your home comfort system is if you are leaking air outside. These home performance measures alone will produce a 14% reduction in energy loss, not to mention the extra savings and comfort provided by the new high efficient mechanical equipment that has been installed!
Duct Cleaning
Another great incentive this homeowner took advantage of is a rebate from Energy Star. Because the new equipment installed measures up to certain efficiency ratings, it qualifies for a $2000 rebate! The government is really getting behind this new energy efficient equipment, and programs like this help to ease the upfront costs of one of these new systems. Make sure you know what rebates and incentives are available for installing new environmentally friendly equipment!

Make sure to talk to Bovio about keeping your home performing well, ducts cleaned. and house comfortable!

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