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If you ever need to make improvements or repairs to your home, you likely have wandered into a large home improvement store like Lowe’s. What’s unique about this story is that they actually gave us a call to help improve their building! They had an old heating and cooling system on their roof and needed the units replaced. In a space like this, having the temperature under control is important for a few different reasons.

Employee Comfort

First off, you have employees and customers who are going to be in your building for the majority of the day. You want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible. If the customers are too hot or cold, it could discourage them from spending time in the store, limiting what they purchase, and detracting from the pleasant experience that the store wants to provide.

Material Maintenance

Another very important reason the temperature needs to be properly maintained it because of the materials inside of a store like this. Between the different types of chemicals, wood, glass, etc. a lot of these things can be greatly altered by the wrong temperature. Wood can warp and be considered unusable. By making sure the temperatures are properly set, it ensures their products are all in tip-top shape.
Commercial Home

There’s a ton of space in these stores, with extremely high ceilings, and multiple large entrances and exits, so making sure that the place is comfortable is no small task. Lots of commercial buildings, including this one, house a lot of their HVAC equipment on the roof. In all, we needed to replace 22 units on the roof, and add one more for their server room. This was a large project, and seeing as how the front doors couldn’t be blocked during business hours, a lot of the units had to be moved to the roof overnight. This was a little difficult with inclement weather, but nothing too bad. Every job is a little different, and these kind of accommodations are what keep businesses functioning even when going through a major renovation like this one.

We also added a system for the control of a server room, which involved cutting in a new roof curb and providing electric for the new unit location and the ductwork for the room. This was a new space that didn’t need its own unit when the previous system was installed, but now it’s necessary.

After all was said and done, it took about a week to do the job. Taking old units out and replacing the new ones with a crane is a delicate task, and you never want anything to go wrong with such dangerous material. We were happy to help out a local business, and hope that the next time you are walking around Lowe’s you feel as cozy as you would at home!

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