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Heater Repair

When heating or air conditioning system has a problem, it’s tempting to take the quick-fix or band-aid approach. It’s usually cheap, quick, and will take care of the issue at hand for the time being. This can also be a recipe for eventual disaster. Normally these patch-up, quick-fix solutions only push back the eventual real solution to the problem. The real solution usually involves replacing a part, or a whole system altogether. For this dentist office in Riverton, NJ, their series of quick-fixes had finally caught up with them when they called us.

This office had an old Munchkin Boiler, which was problem-ridden. The reason there were so many issues with this equipment was due to the type of repairs that have happened over the years. It looked like several different contractors had come in to do work on the boiler and piping around it, but weren’t exactly familiar with the best practices when it comes to boiler piping. They decided that they were done with the quick fixes, and wanted this problem fixed for good.
Heater Repair From Bovio
We took out the old Munchkin boiler and installed a brand new Weil Mclaine WM 97 110 natural gas boiler. Installation included removal of the entire piping system in the boiler room, redesign and installation of new distribution system with 4 zone circulators. When it comes to a Dentist’s office, or any medical facility or business, having your heating and cooling situation taken care of is important, and not something you want to risk having fail when it’s needed. Now that the new boiler and piping have been installed, it should last 10+ years with regular maintenance, and run more efficiently. Increased efficiency leads to a more comfortable space, as well as decreased energy bills because not as much energy is needed to do the job!

Having the proper piping is extremely important too. Gas lines can be very dangerous if they aren’t set up properly, and making sure you have a licensed professional handling it is essential. This not only makes sure your home is safe, but it also means that all your home appliances should have plenty of fuel to do their jobs.
Heating For Your Commercial Space
If you have any piping, heating, or air conditioning issues at your home, try and avoid a quick-fix solution. A lot of times these solutions just prolong the issue, and it will have to be taken care of later when the issue arises again. Taking the extra step and repairing your systems the proper way will keep them running more efficiently, and for longer. Give us a call at (888) 258-4904 if you have any home comfort issues!

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