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Many Southern New Jersey homeowners call Bovio Rubino to ask about their heating system options when it’s time to upgrade their homes. They all want to know, “What’s the best heating system for me?” The answer often depends on your lifestyle, current home heating system, fuel availability, and budget, but no matter what, we’ll always give you our honest opinion and work hard to find the perfect system for your home.

Since 1974, the heating contractor experts at Bovio Rubino Service have been improving the comfort and energy efficiency of local New Jersey homes with three primary types of heating systems. With our team, there are no surprises, no pressure, and no double talk, so let’s review each type of system and explain how you could benefit!


Furnaces heat air. They are often powered by combustible fuels including oil, natural gas, or propane. Furnaces are a popular heating system as they connect to ductwork that can also be used by central air conditioning systems to provide cooling in the summer. Modern furnaces, like the systems from Carrier that Bovio Rubino installs, boast higher efficiency ratings to help keep your heating bills down. Paired with new smart thermostats, furnaces can often continue to meet your evolving needs.


Boilers heat water. That hot water (or steam) is then distributed throughout the home via radiators or radiant heat systems in the floor. Boilers can use fuel oil, natural gas, or propane for fuel. With no ductwork, a separate system is required for cooling. 

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are different from boilers and furnaces because they don’t create heat. Instead, heat pumps take heat from outside and move it inside your home to warm the air indoors. Heat pumps have both heating and cooling settings, so you can use them in the winter to replace a furnace or boiler as well as in the summer to replace your AC.

Heat pumps are designed to be incredibly energy efficient, which is better for the environment. Air source heat pumps come in ducted models, which connect to the ductwork in your home just like central AC or a furnace would, or smaller ductless mini-split models, which are installed directly into the room or area you’re looking to keep comfortable.

What’s the best home heating for my South New Jersey home? 

The heating experts at Bovio Rubino can assess your heating needs, budget, and current system to determine the right system for you. Some things to consider when installing replacement heating or upgrading to a new system:

What fuel should my heating system use? 

Depending on where you live, heating systems can be fueled by heating oil, natural gas, propane, or electricity. Understanding what kind of heating system you have is a great starting point. If you’re ready to switch from oil to natural gas, the heating pros at Bovio Rubino can handle the transition from oil to gas with seamless heating installation of a new, high-efficiency natural gas furnace or boiler. If you’re considering solar to take advantage of new incentives, electric heat pumps are a great option, as you can use free solar energy to run your home’s heating and cooling!

How should the heat be delivered?

If your existing ductwork is well maintained, a replacement ducted heat pump or furnace can utilize the same system. Ductless mini-splits, as their name implies, don’t need to connect to ductwork, and can be a great heating and cooling upgrade for specific rooms or areas like bonus rooms that don’t have ductwork access already.

Will this fit in my budget?

Because each home and family has unique configurations, needs, and resources, you can count on the heating experts at Bovio Rubino to identify the best solution for heating (and cooling) your Voorhees or Sicklerville, NJ home. Financing, rebates, and other incentives are also available—just ask our team about what you may qualify for. Another way to keep heating costs down is to sign up for a Bovio Rubino maintenance protection plan to keep your heating system in tip top shape.

For nearly 50 years, Bovio Rubino Service has been doing right by our customers with excellent customer service and by caring for each home the same way we’d care for our own. We’re 180 degrees different from the HVAC contractors you’re used to dealing with—reach out today to see why so many local homeowners are Bovio Rubino customers for life!

Find the best new heating system for your home. Call (888) 258-4904 or contact Bovio Rubino Service online to talk to South Jersey’s local heating experts!

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