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When you imagine a home with well-functioning systems, you likely imagine a blissfully quiet environment. Have you recently been disturbed by consistent noise from your home heating system? This can indicate a problem, though some noisy issues are more serious than others!

The Bovio Rubino Service team is full of experienced heating and cooling system technicians. We offer a variety of services to keep your heating system in great shape for years to come, whether you need maintenance, repair, or even a full system replacement. 

No matter what kind of system your home has, learn more about what various heating system noises mean for your home, and how you can overcome them thanks to the BRS pros. 

Heat Pump

Loud Humming

A loud humming sound is not a great sign for your heat pump. It could indicate anything from a malfunctioning fan to a loose part, so professional heat pump maintenance is recommended as soon as possible.

Consistent Clanging 

Does it sound like metal is hitting metal somewhere inside your heat pump? This can be caused by a fan blade that’s been bent out of place, or could be the result of a dislodged part. Heat pump service will allow a trained technician to inspect your heating system and perform any necessary heating repairs.


Gurgling Sound

If your heating elements or pipes are making gurgling noises, it likely means that air bubbles have gotten trapped in your pipes. This can cause problems with your heating system, so it’s smart to schedule boiler service for your NJ home. 

Banging Noise

Boilers in areas with hard water can sometimes begin “kettling”. This means that mineral deposits are clinging to your boiler’s heat exchanger, resulting in steam bubbles popping and making a corresponding banging or whistling noise. Bovio Rubino Service specializes in boiler and heating service to cover anything that ails your home!



If your furnace makes a loud banging noise when it ignites, it’s likely the result of dirty burners. These can delay ignition, which is the sound you are hearing. If you hear a banging sound when your furnace turns off, it could be the result of your ductwork contracting as it cools. This is normal, but before writing the sound off, be sure that it’s coming from the ducts and not your furnace itself.  

Clicking Sound

Clicking in a furnace can be caused by several issues, including a malfunctioning pilot light, deteriorating motor bearings, or electrical problems. All of these problems merit furnace services or furnace repair for your NJ home.

Rattling Noise

If you hear a rattling coming from your furnace, you’d be wise to schedule an urgent appointment with BRS. This sound could indicate that you have a cracked heat exchanger, which can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks when left unrepaired.

If you can’t afford to leave your furnace off until you receive a service, we recommend putting new batteries in your home carbon monoxide detectors and testing them to be sure that they’ll go off in the event of a carbon monoxide leak. 

Whistling or Hissing

A whistling or hissing sound can indicate a dirty air filter or an air leak, and it’s easy to determine which is the problem! Start by replacing your Furnace’s air filter. If the problem persists, Bovio Rubino heating services can help you resolve the problem in your New Jersey home.

Experiencing Heating System Problems? Let BRS Help!

Not seeing the noise you’re hearing in your home above? Not feeling the warm air you’d expect from your vents and suspect you need boiler repair? The Bovio Rubino Service team offers a number of services including heat pump repair, preventative maintenance, and boiler service in New Jersey. Our trained technicians know heat pump systems, furnaces, and more from the inside out. 

Leave your heating system concerns behind with expert help from BRS! Call (888) 258-4904, or contact us online today.

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