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When you run a business, there are a ton of different responsibilities that come along with this undertaking. If you own a commercial space, you have to make sure that it’s safe, operational, and comfortable. When we got the call that a warehouse was in need of some renovations to their heating system, we went out and took a look at the situation.

A 240′ x 60′ dumpster and shipping container manufacturing facility was in need of upgrading old infrared heaters. We removed 5 old IR panel heaters that had become obsolete and ineffective. What we replaced them with were 4, 50′ long Modine low-intensity Infrared tube heaters, and 2 fan powered unit heaters. The low-intensity IR heaters were placed above the assembly and painting areas of the shop to keep people and containers warm in the winter. These Modine low-intensity units are some of the most reliable in the industry. They are designed to have a long lifespan, low maintenance, and warm large spaces. This was a perfect fit for the warehouse, and what this space needed.

Heating For Your Commercial Space

Additionally, we installed two Modine unit heaters across the front and rear garage doors so that when they move product in and out they provide a buffer of warm air to combat the cold from entering. This keeps the place more comfortable, and also helps as an energy saver. If the cold air kept rushing in with no opposition, the bigger heaters would have to run longer.

Adding these new heaters should not only improve the comfort during the winter for this building, but it should also help with the heating bills. Using an old system usually results in too much energy being used to get the job done. Newer equipment is more energy efficient, and it will cost you less in energy bills to do an even better job of keeping the place warm.

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