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There are times when old equipment gets the job done. Maybe an old bike, an old TV, or maybe that old winter jacket you can’t get rid of. Sometimes this old stuff still works, even if it isn’t in the best condition, and you can get by with it. Then again, there comes a point for everyone when you say, “Ok, it’s time to get some new stuff” Then all of a sudden you have a new bike with a smooth ride, a brand new TV with a perfect picture, or a new warm and toasty winter jacket.

This Franklin Township Homeowner knew it was time to be done with the old, and in with the new when it came to their air conditioning system. They had an old system that got the job done, but it started to take more and more energy to do the trick. This was forcing the energy bills to go up, and the house was still very humid at times if the system wasn’t blasting at top capacity.


Old System wasn’t doing a great job, and the homeowner wanted a new system that would help with energy bills, and do a better job.


Install a New Carrier Infinity System, 2 Air Scrubbers, and a Laundry Pro

This homeowner decided that a Carrier Infinity System was the right one to go with. It monitors temperatures inside and outside the home, as well humidity, and modulates the settings of your system accordingly. This helps to conserve energy, and focus on solving the problem. There were times in the summer that it wasn’t very hot, but the humidity was the problem. This type of system accounts for that, and doesn’t overuse energy in the wrong place to compensate.

Carrier Air Conditioning

They also decided to add 2 Air Scrubbers to different parts of the house. Air Scrubbers clean the air inside your home, and improve the quality of the air. They spend the majority of their time, especially in the winter, indoors. Installing an Air Scrubber reduces allergens, bacteria, dust. odor, and often help people with breathing problems. They decided why not make sure their home is state of the art while they were improving the HVAC system in the house.

Not only did they add the Air Scrubbers, but they also had the Laundry Pro installed. The Laundry Pro attaches directly to their washing machine, and eliminates the need to use laundry detergent. Through the use of ActivePure Technology, the laundry pro doesn’t need chemicals to clean, and keeps clothes brighter, softer, and helps them last longer. It also helps the environment by eliminating the need to dump soapy water back into the drain.

One of the other benefits this family enjoyed from installing their new equipment was a $2500 rebate for installing this new, environmentally friendly, energy efficient equipment! The government is encouraging people to use this new energy efficient equipment, and rebates are one of the incentives they are offering to make the installation of new equipment easier on residents.

This family is thrilled with all the home improvements they have made! They have a brand new system to keep the house comfortable, and no longer need to run the old system at max capacity to keep themselves cool. Now they can afford to run the system a little softer because it dehumidifies. Instead of having to keep the temperature set down at 70 to cool the place off, it can be up towards 76-78, but without the humidity it is perfect! Comfort and energy savings combined!

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