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Duct Cleaning

When it comes to heating and air conditioning, it takes more than just a good product to get the job done. There’s also something to be said for skill, know-how and good old-fashioned customer service. A family in Medford Lakes found that out the hard way, when a new Carrier heating and cooling system didn’t work anywhere near the way they wanted it to.Spacer

Duct Cleaning

Fortunately, their new machine was fine. The house just needed a little extra work to make the whole system work properly. In this two-story, single-family custom home, Bovio more than stepped up to the task.


Problem: A Carrier system installed by another contractor was experiencing poor air distribution. The second floor was especially uncomfortable.

Solution: Fix the ductwork to improve airflow to all the rooms on the second floor, relocate the master thermostat to the master bedroom and add zone sensors in the other bedrooms.

To say the ductwork our technicians found there wasn’t great is an understatement! The shiny new Carrier Infinity 24VNA8, with Infinity fan coil, was almost completely covered in poor insulation work held together by duct tape in the attic. Yes, duct tape is supposed to be used for ducts, but not like this!
Carrier Air Conditioning

Step one was to improve the airflow and ductwork in the attic of this Medford Lake home. This meant resealing everything — neatly this time — and carefully placing the airflow passages in better places so the air could move through the system much more efficiently.


Bovio Carrier Attic.png

Bovio Carrier After.png

Now that the air could actually get to the rooms, it was time to make sure each room got the right amount of heating or cooling. The first thing was to move the master thermostat to the master bedroom. It was a better spot to gauge the temperature of the whole house, and more convenient for the homeowners.

Next, we added Infinity Smart Sensors in the other bedrooms. That way, the homeowners could adjust the thermostat if those spots were getting over- or under-served. To make it easier to control it all, the thermostat and sensors were hooked up through the house’s Wi-Fi so the climate could be checked and adjusted all from one spot. 
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What a pain it was to have all that work done at first, just to have the house no better than before. But, what relief to find out that the investment you made in a new system was fine. It just needed an expert’s touch to get it all up and running properly — and, with the extra sensors and Wi-Fi thermostat, even better than you originally thought!

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