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Four Reasons FurnaceTune-Ups Are Worth the Money in Sicklerville, NJ

Getting a furnace tune-up every fall saves you time and money, and makes your home more comfortable. Four good reasons to have this done every year are:

  1. Saving Money
  2. Avoiding Breakdowns
  3. Better Heat and Comfort
  4. Better Indoor Air Quality

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In this post, we’ll take a closer look at each of these benefits. But first, we’ll go over exactly what you should get when a service tech comes to your house.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, or if you think there’s something wrong with your heater, give Bovio a call. We’ve worked with homeowners in Sicklerville, Medford, Cherry Hill, and other South Jersey towns for decades.

Now, let’s learn more about these services.

What’s Included In a Furnace Tune-Up?

In a nutshell, a furnace tune-up includes inspections, from the thermostat to the heat exchanger. A tech cleans the blower and motor air vents, among other components. They’ll also lubricate any moving parts. Finally, they’ll repair or replace anything that’s broken or worn down.

The entire process takes up to an hour. And, for a full list of the 20 items on Bovio’s checklist, you can click here.

For now, however, we’ll highlight a few quick items.

Checking the Thermostat

You may not realize it, but your thermostat can cause your heater to work incorrectly. If it’s taking bad readings, or sending the wrong signals, then the system could be underheating or overheating the house.

That’s why we make sure the thermostat is calibrated correctly. From there, we can troubleshoot any other problems if they come up.

Carbon Monoxide

By now, most people know that carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that’s poisonous in large doses. It’s why we all have detectors for them in our houses.

By nature, your heating system produces carbon monoxide when it burns fossil fuels such as gas or oil. But, the system’s set up so it all escapes out of the house through the exhaust system.

However, some problems, like a cracked heat exchanger, can cause it to build up in the home. With regular inspections, you can prevent this from happening — or catch it before it becomes a serious problem.

Maintenance Programs

You can save money and have your appointments scheduled easier if you sign up for a maintenance program.

With a maintenance program, you’ll pay a little each month for regular service. Along with a few visits a year, you also get discounts on some parts and repairs.

And, depending on what level of the program you sign up for, you can also get priority service. We’ll talk about that a little later.

The exact terms vary from company to company. But, you can get a full list of what Bovio offers with their agreement here.

Finally, these are especially beneficial when your system is under warranty. To keep the warranty valid, you need documentation showing certified technicians service it regularly.

With an agreement, you’ll get the service and the paperwork.Service Plans From Bovio

Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

Now that you know what you get with a furnace tune-up, let’s look again at those benefits we listed before.

Saving Money

Getting your HVAC system serviced doesn’t cost that much money in the first place. And, when you add in the money you save, it costs even less.

The big cost-saving measure here is better energy efficiency. In other words, the better your heater runs, the less energy it uses.

And, the less energy — gas, oil, electricity, whatever — it uses, the less you pay for.

That’s the idea behind getting this done in the first place: Making sure your system is running as efficiently as possible. The payoff is lower energy bills during the winter months.

Avoiding Breakdowns

Avoiding breakdowns involves both your comfort and your wallet. Here’s what we mean:

Worn-down parts in your heater will eventually break. And, the odds are, they’re going to do so when they’re stressed the most.

That’s not the beginning of fall. Instead, odds are you’ll lose heat in January or February — when you need it most.

At that point, you’ll be very uncomfortable — and that could be putting it mildly. No heat in the dead of winter can be a health hazard. It can even lead to pipes freezing and bursting.

Meanwhile, repairs in the winter can cost more than usual. That’s because the best HVAC companies end up with a backlog during the busy season.

Then, your options are to wait it out with no heat or pay more for a priority repair.

Getting your heater looked at before the winter can prevent this from happening. When you start the season with an optimized unit, it’s more likely to make it through the cold weather.

Better Heat and Comfort

Now, let’s look more at comfort. When your heater’s in good shape, your house feels warmer and more comfortable. That’s because the system can do the job the right way.

One of the most significant advantages is getting the right amount of heat circulating through the house.

For instance, if you ever feel as if there’s just not enough air pushing through the vents, it could be that the system’s struggling to keep up.

Even worse, sometimes cold air can circulate even when you need warmth.

Both are signs that something’s wrong. When you replace worn or broken parts before the season begins, you can avoid them. Or, if there’s a bigger problem at hand, you’ll know ahead of time.
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Better Indoor Air Quality

You can take the first step when it comes to your HVAC system and indoor air quality. All it takes is putting in a new air filter every three months.

This keeps dust, dirt, debris, and allergens from circulating through the air. It also helps the system run better.

After that, having a professional clean out the system helps even more.

When you’re using gas or oil, for instance, there’s a combustion process. If that’s not working correctly, you can end up with pollutants that make their way into the air.

Or, if the system’s not working correctly, you’re not getting enough circulation for the filter to screen out contaminants.

Then, there’s carbon monoxide. We talked before about how dangerous it is if it builds up in your home.

If you have any questions about how this works, or if you want to schedule a service call, reach out to Bovio. We’ll make sure your HVAC system is ready for the long winter ahead.

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