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spring HVAC checklist BRS

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By the time winter starts to wind into spring, New Jersey’s summer heat and humidity can feel like a forgotten age. But a little preparation now with spring home maintenance can save you a lot in comfort and efficiency come summer! 

  • Check and change your air filters once a month
  • Vacuum & clean around all vents and registers
  • Clear any outside compressor units of debris and obstructions
  • Schedule a tune-up for your HVAC equipment
  • Upgrade to a smart or programmable thermostat
  • Switch the direction of your ceiling fan
  • Schedule HVAC maintenance with Bovio Rubino Service

This mostly-DIY spring home maintenance checklist will ensure a clean start for your cooling system and a cooldown for your heating system, and can even increase your indoor air quality.

But if you want to get the most out of your system life expectancy, avoid breakdowns, and stay comfortable no matter the season, make sure to schedule HVAC maintenance with Bovio Rubino Service. With our 30-60-minute precision tune-up and professional cleaning, your cooling system will be ready for another Jersey summer.

Get a ‘spring’ on your seasonal HVAC maintenance! Call Bovio Rubino Service today. | (888) 258-4904

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