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Many homeowners find that there are spots in their home that just aren’t comfortable. Some rooms seem to get too hot, and others are too cold. No matter the season of the year, some spots just don’t get the air circulation they need to be comfortable, like this two story colonial home in Washington Township.

For our homeowners in Turnersville, it was their master suite. The whole point of a master suite is to be a refuge from the rest of the house, and from life in general. It’s a place where a couple should be comfortable not only in the furnishings, but with the temperature as well!  Our homeowners approached us to try to solve this problem that was making their two story colonial home feel like a drafty castle rather than a cozy, relaxing space.

When we looked at their current system, it was clear that the problem originated from having inadequate air returns on the second floor. There was really no place to install additional ductwork, so we had to find a different solution to solve the problem long term. We knew that ductless would do the trick. Mitsubishi’s Hyper Heat ductless heat pump systems are perfect for this sort of problem, and allow us to easily create an additional zone of heating and cooling in one installation. They are super efficient systems, and can work well even when it’s as cold as -13 degrees outside! Better still, the same unit will provide air conditioning and humidity control throughout hottest summers, using less energy than any window air conditioner.

By creating a separate zone of heating and cooling for the master suite, our homeowners will save money on energy bills in two ways. First of all, they will be able to have pinpoint control over the temperature in their master suite, separated from the rest of the home. So instead of having to crank up the heat or A/C in order to try to achieve some level of comfort on the second floor, they won’t have to spend as much money trying to heat and cool the rest of the house to get the comfort they need in their master suite. Secondly, Because Hyper Heat ductless technology is one of the most efficient systems for delivering comfort available, they will be spending less money on energy while getting greater comfort based on this efficiency alone!  And better yet, based on the efficiency of these systems, the government and electric utilities offer rebates for installation.Our homeowners also got an $800 rebate on the installation of their new system, helping to make this upgrade in comfort even more affordable.

And best of all, our homeowners have made a permanent upgrade in comfort to their home that’s sure to add value, now and in the future.

Getting greater comfort and saving money on installation and on monthly energy bills- that’s a recipe for a happy homeowner!

Do you have one room thats harder to keep comfortable than the rest of your home? Give Bovio Rubino Service a call at (888) 258-4904 or get in touch here, and ask about our ductless units!