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5 Signs Your AC Won't Make It Through the Summer Infographic
5 Signs Your AC Won’t Make It Through the Summer Infographic

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The last thing you want is for your air conditioning to fail in the middle of a heatwave. Here are some common signs that your New Jersey home could benefit from an AC maintenance appointment.

1. Low Airflow

If you can’t feel much air coming out of your vents while your AC is running, a service appointment can help avoid overpaying for energy and overworking your system.

2. Water or Moisture Leaks

Is water pooling around your AC? A professional can assess whether you have a refrigerant leak or some other cooling system issue.

3. High Energy Bills

Inefficient AC units will drive up your monthly energy bills, even if your system never completely breaks down.

4. Poor Indoor Comfort

If the air from your ducts is warm, or your AC struggles to keep your home comfortable, an HVAC technician can help get your HVAC back on track.

5. Strange Sounds or Smells

Unpleasant odors or unusual noises are never a good sign for your AC—call a professional before the situation gets worse!

Repair or Replace?

Sometimes, it’s smarter to invest in a new cooling system then continue throwing money at an older unit. Bovio Rubino Service will always give you an unbiased opinion on the actual state of your AC, and help with new energy efficient AC instalaltion or ductless mini splits if you decide to replace.Enjoy peace of mind all summer long with our 20-point precision tune-up for your air conditioning. Call [custom:phone-number] or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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