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It can be easy to forget about your heating or cooling system when everything is working as it should, delivering comfort throughout the rooms in your Cherry Hill or Voorhees home. But when something’s wrong, what should you do? Is the issue something you can fix with a repair call? When is the best time to get a new HVAC system? 

This blog reviews how replacing your HVAC is worth it, and how an experienced heating and cooling contractor can help you make the best decision for your New Jersey home.

When Is It Time to Replace an HVAC System?

Here are five common scenarios where experts ecommend replacing your heating or cooling system:

1. Your System Is 15-20 Years Old

How long should an HVAC system last? Unfortunately, even the best units won’t last forever! Older systems tend to break down more frequently from wear and tear and become less efficient with age. If you’ve gotten many years of reliable operation from your furnace, boiler, or air conditioner, consider yourself lucky, and talk to Bovio Rubino Service about finding a replacement that will last just as long! 

2. You’ve Been Repairing Your Unit Frequently

Eventually, enough is enough, and you’ll realize that the cost of smaller but frequent repairs is adding up, and all the while your HVAC system isn’t getting any younger. If your system has broken down twice in the last two years and fails again, we recommend avoiding the sunken cost fallacy and scheduling an HVAC system replacement.

3. The Cost to Repair Is More than 50% of the Cost to Replace

Here’s a simple but smart rule of thumb: If the quoted price to repair your HVAC is more than half of what it would cost to buy a new unit entirely, it’s smarter to schedule new heating or air conditioner installation.

4. Energy Prices Are Getting Too Expensive

If your monthly heating or cooling bills are getting too high, the higher efficiency of a new HVAC system can make plenty of financial sense in the long run. With newer technology, most furnaces and air conditioners (and especially heat pumps) today have higher efficiency ratings than older models. Upgrading can lower your energy costs by using less electricity or fuel to keep your home comfortable, saving you money and helping you offset high energy costs. 

5. Your House Is Uncomfortable

What good is a heating or cooling system if it can no longer effectively heat or cool your home? If your system seems like it’s always running but your house is never quite as comfortable as you’d like, it could be time to replace a unit that’s simply too old to meet your comfort preferences.

Get Expert HVAC Advice From South Jersey’s Heating and Cooling Pros

As simple as the points above seem, making a repair vs. replace decision can be difficult. If you’re worried about choosing poorly, reach out to Bovio Rubino Service. With nearly 50 years of experience providing HVAC services to South Jersey homeowners, we’re better equipped than anyone in the Tri-County area to help you make the smartest decision for your home.

From repair and maintenance to new AC and heating installation, we’re the HVAC company near you with the training and customer service to find you the right system from Carrier dor Mitsubishi Electric that will provide years and years of efficient and reliable service to come, including:

  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Systems

Find out how much a new HVAC system costs for your South Jersey home. Call [custom:phone-number] or contact us for a free estimate from the local HVAC experts.

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