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Some people are set in their ways. Even if there is a better option, they will still decide to stick to what they know, even if their lives could be better. Luckily, this was NOT the case for this Somerdale homeowner. They wanted to try something new that would improve their lives!

This homeowner had lived in the same home for 30 years, and had never had central air conditioning. Instead every spring they would break out the window units for the bedrooms, and living room. Then in the fall they would take the units out and they’d collect dust until the next summer. This is a manageable way to handle the heat, but not an ideal situation for anyone.

Window Units:

  1. Don’t keep your house completely comfortable all season.
  2. Are loud and annoying when watching TV or going to sleep.
  3. Use a lot of energy, especially if you are cooling many rooms at one time, such as multiple bedrooms overnight.
  4. Drip water. Almost every window AC unit drips water, limiting where it can be put in some situations.
  5. Take up a whole window. That’s one less window you can open and close all summer.

Problem: There was no Central Air Conditioning System, and the homeowner was sick of using window units.

Solution: A 4-Panel Mitsubishi Ductless System that allowed for zoned heating and cooling in the living room and bedrooms.

There were a lot of reasons this homeowner was done with not having a cooling system in the house, but the main one was they just wanted the house to be cool in the summer. They were sick of waiting for the window units to bring a room down to the temperature they liked. And there was a lot of trouble finding the right temperature with the window units. It was either too warm, or freezing cold in a room.

They decided to go with a 4-panel Mitsubishi Ductless System. They put 2 units in the living areas, and one in each bedroom, allowing them to set the individual temperatures in each room. The units are 1/10 as noisy as the window units were, and they don’t have to be put away in the winter! They simply hang on the wall, and can be used all year long.

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