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One of the most common problems in the heating and cooling business is the top floor of a building. Everyone knows heat rises, and pretty much everyone has had to deal with a hot bedroom at some point or another. That was the case for this new Cherry Hill homeowner.

This Cherry Hill Homeowner had not only just purchased their home, but also decided to give it a full renovation! After living there for a little bit, it was easy for them to notice that the master bedroom wasn’t as comfortable as the rest of the house. It was hot and muggy, while the rest of the house felt cool and comfortable. They had just had their home renovated, so as you can imagine, it was very frustrating to have this inconvenience pop up on them.

Problem: The master bedroom didn’t have adequate duct work to keep it cool.

Solution: Add additional ductwork, as well as a single Mitsubishi Ductless unit.

They decided to call up Bovio to take a look at the problem. When the comfort expert from Bovio took a look at the master bedroom, it was evident that there was a problem. The HVAC system was the proper size, but DID NOT have adequate duct work to heat and cool the space. Bovio added some supply and return duct work, and greatly improved the air flow in the bedroom.

The client was happy about it, but still felt like they wanted to add more cooling to the bedroom somehow. They liked it EXTRA cold when they sleep, and even with the improved duct work, they didn’t feel like it could get cold enough for them. This is when they decided to add a Mitsubishi Ductless unit to the bedroom.

This Mitsubishi Ductless Unit hangs above the bed, out of the way, and keeps the room the perfect temperature! They didn’t have to remove anything, simply add this unit as a supplement to their already existing system, and they are now more comfortable than ever!

Do you have one room thats harder to keep comfortable than the rest of your home? Give Bovio Rubino Service a call at (888) 258-4904 or contact us, and ask about our ductless units!