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Mitsubishi Ductless

Renovating a home in any way can be a big task. People will redo their kitchen, add a bathroom to a basement, or maybe put an addition to their patio. No matter what the job, there are a lot of components to it. Electricity, furniture, and heating and air conditioning are 3 main factors in a renovation. For this Glassboro, NJ homeowner, the job was turning a garage into a bedroom.

This homeowner, unfortunately, was injured at work and couldn’t get up and down the steps. What they decided to do then was turn the garage into a master bedroom, with easy handicapped access. This meant redoing the entire garage and making sure it is a suitable place to live. This meant putting in flooring, insulation, and some form of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Because they didn’t need an entire system for the whole home, going with some sort of supplement was a better option. A Mitsubishi Ductless Unit was the final decision for a few reasons.

Supplement the Current System

First off, a Ductless System can be used as a supplement to a current system. Often if there is a problem room in a home such as a bedroom or a basement that can’t seem to keep the same temperature as the rest of the home, a ductless unit can be put in to make sure that room can stay comfortable. For this situation, a ductless unit works perfectly to make sure this space is comfortable just like the rest of the home.

Heating and Cooling with the Ductless Unit

Secondly, the type of Mitsubishi Ductless Unit that was installed can be used to heat and cool. This means no matter what time of year it is, this room won’t have to have separate systems to make sure this space is comfortable.

This system can also connect to wifi, and can be controlled a few different ways. For this resident who was having trouble getting around, getting up and down to adjust the temperature can be tough, so having a system that can be controlled by a remote is nice. What’s even better is that we could hook their Amazon Alexa up to the system, so that a remote isn’t even needed. They can simply speak to their Alexa and lower or raise the temperature from there. This voice activation makes things very easy, and even if they didn’t have their Alexa plugged in, there is an app that can be downloaded to speak to the thermostat.

Finally, a Mitsubishi Ductless System is extremely energy efficient. They are easy to turn off and on, and don’t have to be used to keep the whole home comfortable all the time. They are Energy Star Certified, meaning that they are scientifically proven to use less energy, saving money on utility bills and helping preserve the environment

After knocking off $400 with a Mitsubishi Rebate, this new master bedroom was ready for the coldest days of the winter, and the hot summer nights. It’s always nice helping someone make their home a more comfortable place to be.

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