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You might expect a leak from your plumbing from time to time (though hopefully not often). But what do you do when your air conditioner starts to spring a leak? Though it might be your first impulse, don’t stress! The team at Bovio Rubino Service is here to help you understand why this can happen, and what to do about it.

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Here’s What You Can Do When Your AC Is Leaking Water

  • Shut off the air conditioner. Before you start doing anything at all, it’s wise to shut the air conditioner down completely. Some of the causes of a leak can be very detrimental and may compound into bigger issues if the system is allowed to run.
  • Locate and contain the leak. You needn’t necessarily precisely locate the leak, and in fact, we wouldn’t encourage poking around in the system too much at all. The goal here is to simply find where the water’s dripping point originates and place a bucket down to minimize water damage in your home.
  • Check your AC unit’s air filter. One of the more common causes for a leak is the formation of frost in the cooling system, and the most common cause of frost tends to be air flow restrictions. Check your air filter before calling an AC repair team, and if it’s filthy and thick with dust a replacement filter may allow the system to defrost effectively.
  • Call for repair service. If the air filter isn’t the source of your trouble, it’s time to call on an expert. There are many potential causes for an AC leak, and it’ll take a trained eye and hand to get it taken care of.

What Causes Air Conditioners to Leak?

As we mentioned there are actually quite a few potential sources for your trouble. The most common of these include:

  • Airflow restrictions causing frost and ice. When airflow is blocked in your AC it will create low pressure that will lead to the system cooling itself rather than your home, leading to ice. The air filter is easily the most common cause for an air restriction, but failing to get annual AC maintenance and obstructions around your vents can also cause it as well.
  • Refrigerant problems. A refrigerant leak is also a potential cause, both for the liquid you’re seeing on your floors and for the water. Low refrigerant causes a similar situation to the air flow one—the evaporator coil gets too cold and freezes.
  • A damaged drain pan. The drain pan is where condensation collected by your AC system drips into. Under normal conditions, the pan fills and then drains by way of the condensate line, but if the pan is cracked it can begin to leak.
  • Clogged condensate lines. The lines responsible for taking water that your AC produces out of the home can clog, just like any pipe or tube. When this happens it can cause a backup of water in the drain pan, leading to an overflow.

Leaky AC Repair in Voorhees and Cherry Hill

Frustrated or alarmed by your leaking air conditioner? Call on the professionals at Rubino! Our family-owned and operated business has been a name homeowners can trust for decades, and we can provide a solution that saves you stress and money both.

Contact us online to schedule service for your leaky air conditioner!

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