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Everyone enjoys a cool, air-conditioned home when it’s hot out. Walking into the house out of the sticky, humid air is one of the more refreshing feelings of summer. We all appreciate air conditioning, but we wanted to tell you a few fun things about this precious commodity that you may have never heard!

  1. Air Conditioning Wasn’t Invented For Comfort

    The first air conditioner was created in 1902 by Willis Carrier. He worked in a publishing house in New York, and needed to find a way to stop the paper from expanding and contracting in the humidity, as well as address problems they were having with the ink. This is when he invented the first electric air conditioner to combat this humidity. Little did he know the change this would make on society!

  2. The Summer Blockbuster Movie

    You’ve heard of summer blockbusters… Jaws, Jurassic Park, and the list goes on. Movie theaters were one of the first industries to install air conditioners in their theaters. This would help attract moviegoers who wanted to stay cool for a few hours, especially since air conditioning wasn’t very common. This worked out for theaters, because they would sell more tickets during the summer, and also worked out well for patrons who were able to stay comfortable and enjoy a movie.

  3. Presidential Cooling

    Herbert Hoover was the first president to install air conditioning into the White House in 1929. When FDR took office, there was a new system installed in 1934. Unfortunately, FDR wasn’t a big fan of the AC system. He often didn’t even turn it on, and didn’t seem to mind the heat. I’m sure since then more presidents have enjoyed the AC as opposed to disliking it.

  4. Cooling The Hot States

    Before AC, hotter regions of the country weren’t the most appealing. States like Florida, Texas and Arizona were so hot that living and doing business there just didn’t make sense when you could live and work in milder temperatures. The invention of air conditioning allowed for the population and economy to grow in these hotter climates, and now these areas are even vacation destinations. Without the promise of  AC at the end of the day, I’m sure hiking in 100+ degree weather in Arizona wouldn’t sound as enticing.

  5. Lots O’ Energy

    It’s estimated that the amount of energy air conditioners use in the U.S. is the same amount of energy consumed on the entire continent of Africa for a whole year!

  6. School’s Out For Summer

    Before AC, it was just too hot to be in school all summer long. So instead kids were sent home during the hottest months of the year. Luckily for kids this hasn’t changed wi

    Now you know a little more than you did! Air conditioning isn’t something that just feels nice in the summer, but it’s something that has changed society! Next time someone says “Thank God for air conditioning” you will know to actually thank Willis Carrier and his paper publishing problems!

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