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The summer season has thoroughly descended upon South Jersey and there is plenty of hot air to be had outdoors. But what do you do when the hot air is coming from indoors? What does it mean when an air conditioner blows warm air, and what can you do about it? The certified AC professionals at Rubino Service Company are here to help you figure things out!

What Can Cause Warm Air from an AC?

There are actually quite a few potential causes for warm air from an air conditioner in Voorhees, but luckily there are a few that come about far more commonly. Because of this we can quickly deduce the issue at hand and provide air conditioning repair. The potential causes for warm air can include these:

Complications with the Airflow of Your Unit

The most common and most likely cause by far is a problem with the air flow in your air conditioning system. Modern air conditioners depend on a very specific amount of flow through vents and ducts, as well as proper air pressure levels in order to operate properly. When this is compromised the result is most commonly either warm air or a complete system breakdown.

What causes this airflow problem? There are a few potential reasons:

  • Vents have been closed. This alters airflow and can quickly cause many issues with your air conditioner.
  • There is a buildup of dust or debris. Dust and dander clogs can occur in duct work and will typically result in your unit failing to cool adequately.
  • Your air filter needs to be changed. Air filters in South Jersey should be replaced monthly or every two months at most in order to avoid this.
  • The outdoor unit is clogged. Check your outdoor unit for grass clods and a buildup of dust. The outdoor unit is where heat exchange occurs and it can’t do the job properly you’ll get a feedback of hot air from the AC.

Low or Leaking Refrigerant

Another potential cause is a lack of refrigerant. If refrigerant is the issue the most likely cause is a leak, since modern refrigerant systems don’t exactly “use up” the refrigerant in your cooling system. The refrigerant is in a closed loop and never really diminishes unless there is a leak in the refrigerant line somewhere. The problem might also be the condenser, but this is less common—especially if you get AC maintenance routinely.

Incorrect Temperature Settings

This one is a bit more embarrassing, sure, but it does certainly happen. Thermostats are often located within easy reach on a wall and it isn’t all that implausible for the controls to have been bumped at some point. Ensure the system is set to “cool”, and that the temperature setting is where you normally have it. Be sure to check for this first when a hot air problem starts up. No need to pay for a repair if you didn’t need it in the first place!

Air Conditioner Repair Services in South Jersey

Think you have a warm or hot air problem on your hands? Call the certified cooling experts at Rubino Service Company! We offer accurate repair services that get to the root of the problem without fail. We can have you back to comfortable in no time, so contact us right away or call (888) 258-4904 when you spot an issue and we’ll have an expert right on the way!

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