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When was the last time you performed maintenance on your heating system? Going too long without maintenance, or worse, not performing maintenance at all will reduce the efficiency and lifespan of your heating system.

This preventative maintenance activity that costs little can save you lots of cash down the road. Regular maintenance is a great way to keep your unit running smoothly. But you might need to have it checked out by your local HVAC service company to see where your unit stands. For a small service fee you will know just how efficiently your HVAC system is working for you.

Having Your Unit Checked Once a Year Will Save You Money

Each year you should hire a certified HVAC service company to come out and take a look at your system. They will likely clean your coil, clean your drains and add any Freon to your unit if needed. These simple procedures can help your unit run more efficiently saving you money on your power bill.

During this service visit, the technician can look at your entire system to insure that all the parts are working properly and check the electrical system for bad wiring. This will keep you from having to pay for an emergency repair fee if your unit were to give out during after business hours.

Always Change Your Filter

When it comes to keeping your unit running properly, the cheapest and most practical way to do so is change your filter. Many people neglect to do this, which can clog up your system causing it to have to work harder. This will drive up your power bill and cause damage to your unit. So make sure to change those filters out at least once a month.

Make Sure To Seal Any Leaks

Take a minute and checkout your duct lines to ensure there are no leaks or holes in them. Sometimes pests such as bats and mice can cause damage to duct lines. You can seal your ducts with specialize metal tape or call your HVAC professional to do the job for you.

Install a Modern Programmable Controller

Many older units will have a simple mercury controlled thermostats which are inefficient. By installing a programmable controller, you will be able to set it to turn off when you are away from home and back on again before you return. This is a great way to save money when you are not at home.

Upgrade to a New More Efficient Unit

Sometimes there is nothing that can be done but replace your old unit with a new one. When this happens, you will have to call in a professional to handle the job. While this may seem like a major expense at first, over time you will see the savings. So if your unit is older, think about getting it replaced with a new one.

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