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So your current heating system is not performing well or is costing more money to maintain. If it’s reached the end of its life, it’s time to find the right new heating system. Selecting the right unit for your South New Jersey home can depend on a combination of factors, including what system you currently have, the delivery of heat, the type of fuel used, and your budget. If it sounds complicated, don’t fret! The friendly and professional heating experts at Bovio Rubino can connect you with the right heating system!

What are the different types of heating systems available?

If it’s been a while since you shopped for HVAC, you may be surprised at the different ways to heat your Cherry Hill NJ home. Here are the options available:


This is one of the more common heating systems. A forced-air furnace heats air using natural gas, fuel oil, or propane and then distributes it through ductwork. Modern furnaces have become quite efficient and many homeowners connect central AC units to the shared ductwork for cooling in the summer.


Boilers heat water using fuel oil, propane or Natural gas. They deliver the heated water or steam through baseboards, radiant heat, or radiators. Boilers require separate cooling delivery if air conditioning is needed in your home.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work in a completely different way to heat ·(and cool) your 

Pleasantville NJ home. Powered by electricity, heat pumps don’t generate heat—they simply take existing heat and move it in or out of your home, depending on whether you want warm or cool air. Because there is no fuel combustion, heat pumps have no emissions and are designed to be extremely efficient. 

New heat pump models are designed to provide heat even when temperatures drop below freezing. Ducted heat pumps can be connected to existing forced air ductwork. Ductless mini-split heat pumps— like the name indicates—are smaller heat pump units that don’t need ductwork at all, giving you more flexibility about where to install them (including garages, sun rooms, and more).

What type of fuel do you plan to use?

The answer to this relies on a combination of factors. What fuel is available and delivered to your house? Natural gas relies on utility delivery through underground pipes. Your neighborhood may or may not have natural gas service, though it is quite common in South New Jersey towns and cities. If your heating system runs on fuel oil, you’ll already have a fuel storage tank which is replenished by a fuel oil trucking company. If you live in a rural area, propane fuel may be common, which is also delivered by truck and stored in an outdoor tank. Electricity at your home can be provided by the power company or supplied from solar panels.

What is your budget and lifestyle?

Many Cherry Hill and Lawnside NJ homeowners are weighing their heating options based on budget, efficiency, cost of fuel, and environmental impact. Fuel oil produces the most carbon emissions of the combustion fuels, with natural gas and propane providing a cleaner burn. Electric-powered heat pumps create no local emissions and are energy efficient but the cost to run them will depend on your local electricity rates. If you’re considering converting from oil to natural gas, that change can save money and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions when paired with a new, high efficiency, natural gas appliance. We’ll keep an eye on your budget and identify financing and valuable rebates to help make the decision easy.

Decision Time!

This is where the professional technical heating advice from the HVAC experts at Bovino Rubio is so very helpful. Your South New Jersey neighbors have counted on our expertise since the 1970s for our “honest, like nobody’s business” approach. Your heating technician can review the options, costs, benefits, and downsides to each new heating system available and provide affordable, high-quality solutions to keep your family warm and cozy all winter. Our caring team can uncomplicate your new heating system installation and get you started saving money and energy the best way possible.

Ready to upgrade your heating system? Our dependable heating team can get you on the right track. Call (888) 258-4904 or contact Bovio Rubino Service today to learn more.

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