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Have concerns about potential signs of a broken furnace? How can you know if your furnace is dying? The South Jersey heating experts at Bovio Rubino Services have some advice to help you know what’s normal, and what should be checked out by a heating system specialist. 

Here’s a list of the most common heating issues you could run into as you prep your heater for winter courtesy of the pros at Bovio Rubino:

1. Last Season, You Struggled with Insufficient Heat

Whenever you turn up the thermostat, you should feel heat coming out of your vents within minutes. If you put a hand in front of a vent and feel anything that’s not hot air, such as no air blowing, lukewarm air, or cool air, don’t wait until winter to find a solution. You could likely use heating repair in Cherry Hill, and we recommend scheduling sooner rather than later!

2. Last Year’s Heating Bills Were Your Highest Ever

Have your heating bills and energy costs been hitting new heights in recent winters? Efficiency is one of homeowners’ most common wishes for their heating system because of how much it can save them on utility bills. High heating charges can be a sign that your system isn’t functioning properly and could be in need of heating repair in Northfield, NJ. 

3. Increasing Need for Repair

It’s important to check in on all your home’s systems from time to time, including your furnace. How old is your system? When was the last time you had an emergency service? Did you need emergency services more than once in the last year? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s a good idea to schedule a preventative heating system maintenance service before the cold weather sets in, and the sooner the better. With industry-wide labor shortages affecting contractors across the country, including South Jersey, heater repair schedules are filling up quickly.

4. Noisy System

Were you woken up or otherwise disturbed by clanking, rattling, or banging sounds from your furnace last year? Loud noises from a heating system aren’t typically normal, and merit heater service in South Jersey. As you prepare to schedule a service, try to take note of when you hear the noise. Ask yourself:

  • Is your system noisy when it turns on or when it powers down?
  • Is the sound consistent?
  • If the noise stops, does it fade away slowly or stop suddenly?
  • If you had to describe the noise, what would it sound like?

The answers to these questions will help your contractor determine the urgency of your repair, and give them clues as to where to begin their inspection. 

5. Your Furnace Never Stops Running

As much as this might sound counter-intuitive, your furnace shouldn’t be running full time. Your heating system should be efficient enough to start up, get your home to the right temperature, and go dormant again until your home’s temperature dips below your thermometer settings. 

If your system is running constantly, it will need more repairs and maintenance than a properly functioning system and ring up more expenses. Further, your system may not last as long as it should. To remedy this issue, we recommend scheduling a furnace service.

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