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Experiencing cold symptoms when your air conditioner is running? Wake up with the sniffles after going to sleep while the AC is running in your Camden, Gloucester, or Burlington County home? Though AC systems can make our lives significantly more comfortable, they can pose some health risks if not properly monitored. 

The good news is that most AC issues are easily remedied — you won’t feel sick forever! The trick is finding the right solution, and ensuring that the issue doesn’t come up again. There’s nothing more important than the health and comfort of your family when you’re at home, so let’s talk solutions:

Keep Your Unit Clean

It’s normal for every house to have pollutants in the air, especially if you have pets, are working on home projects, or cook often. These normal household chores and activities can create poor indoor air quality and cause either allergic reactions or other uncomfortable responses to irritants in your home’s air.

If pollutants sit in your HVAC filter, they will continue to circulate throughout your home. Can mold in your AC make you sick? It definitely can. You can put reactions behind you with routine AC services like changing your HVAC filter frequently and on a routine basis.

Don’t want to worry about managing filter replacement on your own? The experts at Bovio Rubino are here to help take HVAC preventative maintenance off your plate with plenty of indoor air quality products and services. We’re just a call away.

Too-Cold Temps

Your AC unit is best-suited to cool your home to around 20 degrees less than outside temperatures. Trying to cool your space down to super-chilled temperatures can not only take a toll on your systems and raise your energy bills, but it can also, ironically, make you downright uncomfortable. 

According to the International Journal of Epidemiology, living in super-cold temperatures can create bizarre symptoms like dizziness. If this has been a problem for you, try turning up the temperature on your cooling system and notice if there’s any difference in your symptoms.

Listen to Your Skin

You know how your skin gets itchy and dry in the wintertime due to a lack of moisture in the air? This can happen as a result of an overactive air conditioning system as well. If the temperature of your home’s air is not super cold, you can try adding a humidifier to help keep your skin healthy. A humidifier can also help if you’re experiencing issues with a dry nose and throat, watery or dry eyes, and more. 

Not sure why your AC is running extremely cold? Schedule an appointment for AC service and let the trained experts take a look for you.

Unusual Symptoms

Have you ever heard of air conditioning sickness? Symptoms vary, but it can feel like a cold or flu, and can consistently be traced back to your Sicklerville Township area’s air conditioning unit:

  • Headaches
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Respiratory issues

Any of these symptoms will be uncomfortable, but in the long-term, they can become a real issue.

Trust the Pros

Prevent symptoms of air conditioning sickness with routine maintenance courtesy of Bovio Rubino’s expert HVAC technicians. Our trained team can help save you money by maintaining your systems with top-notch heating and cooling services so you can enjoy greater system efficiency, avoid emergency HVAC maintenance, and keep your HVAC equipment in peak condition for years to come.

Learn how the Bovio Rubino team can make your home healthier and more comfortable. Call (888) 258-4904 or contact us online today!

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