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The summer temperatures have arrived here in New Jersey, which means the dash for the air conditioner has arrived as well. So what happens when you head to switch the thermostat to “cool,” and you don’t hear the sounds of conditioned air rushing towards the vents to cool you down?

Before you go scrambling to find the nearest air conditioner repair contractor, here are some things to check off your list to make sure you can’t get the AC back on yourself!

Double Check Your Thermostat Settings & Batteries

Have you ever been convinced there was something seriously wrong with your car, only to find out there wasn’t any gas in it? It’s always a good idea to double check that you have your thermostat settings correct, and that the batteries are fully charged. 

Check for a Tripped Breaker or Blown Fuse

Once you are sure that your thermostat is operating correctly, it’s a good idea to check your electrical panel or fuse box for any breakers or fuses that have tripped. 

It is not entirely uncommon for an air conditioner to blow a fuse on occasion, but if it happens more than once it can indicate there is an electrical problem that should be fixed by a professional, immediately. If after you replace the fuse or flip the breaker your AC short circuits again, give a call to an HVAC contractor. 

Check the AC Shut Off Box

Some air conditioners are equipped with a main power safety shutoff that is typically located near the outdoor compressor unit. Give your outdoor unit a quick inspection, to see if this shutoff has accidentally been shut off. If you are feeling unsure on how to flip the switch, or whether it’s currently in the on or off position, it’s best to bring in a professional to have a look. 

Change Your Air Filters

If you hear your AC fan running, but you aren’t feeling any cool air coming out of your vents, the drop in air pressure could be due to a clogged air filter. A dirty air filter will cause your air conditioner to use expensive electricity without providing the cool air you need in the summer heat. Your air filter should be replaced about every 30 days, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Avoid Future Air Conditioning Breakdowns with Bovio

Tired of these annual AC annoyances? If you want to avoid:

  • AC emergencies
  • High cooling costs
  • Frequent AC repair costs

…the best way to do so is with regularly scheduled AC maintenance. Regular maintenance for your cooling equipment will ensure your air conditioner is operating at peak efficiency, costing you less to keep you cool throughout the long summer. Maintenance can also correct issues before they turn into bigger problems, and lead to an increased lifespan for your air conditioner. 

Bovio makes regular maintenance easy, with the Bovio Comfort Shield! Depending on the Comfort Shield option you choose, you can receive 1 to 4 annual maintenance visits, priority statues, no overtime charges, and more. 

Looking for AC repair near you? Bovio is the HVAC contractor you can trust with your home comfort and efficiency. Call or contact us today!

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