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When you think of the home insulation in your Cherry Hill house, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it staying cozy during a freezing South Jersey winter day? You’re not alone! 

One of the biggest misconceptions about basement, wall, and attic insulation is that it really only benefits you during the cold months of the year. Actually, insulation brings just as much benefit to you and your family during the summer—here’s how it can help improve home comfort and reduce your cooling costs during the hottest months of the year.

Insulation Helps Keep the Summer Heat Outside

Insulation slows the transfer of heat between the building materials of your house. In the winter, the heat inside your home is trying to make its way out, and insulation helps prevent it from quickly escaping. In the summer, the opposite is true: heat is outside your home, trying to find a way in. Insulation works just as well to help slow the infiltration of heat into your home, and a properly insulated home with air sealing and weatherization is a great source of protection against the outdoor elements.

Insulation Reduces the Workload on Your HVAC System

If your home has poor insulation and air leaks, they are letting high amounts of heat and hot air into your living space. To compensate and keep your home comfortable, your air conditioning has to work overtime. 

But with new cellulose or fiberglass insulation from the expert insulation and HVAC contractors at Bovio, we reduce the burden on your home’s HVAC systems. With slower heat transfer and air movement as the result of proper insulation and weatherization/air sealing, your AC will have to run less frequently during the summer months to keep you cool, lowering your electricity bills and extending the lifespan of your cooling system.

Schedule Your Free Home Energy Audit Today

Wondering if a professional insulation contractor like Bovio can help improve the energy efficiency of your Cinnaminson or Haddonfield home and help reduce your summer cooling costs? Reach out to us today about scheduling a free home energy audit.

An audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your home, from your HVAC equipment to your insulation levels. Using technology like infrared cameras and blower door tests, we can measure exactly where the weak points in your home insulation are, and recommend the right solutions for your specific house, whether it’s cellulose insulation upgrades for your attic or existing wall insulation retrofits.

Plus, make sure to ask us about any insulation rebates or financing you may qualify for. South Jersey homeowners could be eligible for up to $4,000 in insulation rebates and 0%, 7 year financing, making the home improvement work you need more affordable.

Paying too much to run your AC all summer? Call (888) 258-4904 or contact us today to find out if replacing your insulation is the solution!

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