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A professional air conditioner duct cleaning can clear out years, even decades, of dust, debris, and contaminants. An air conditioner duct cleaning:

  1. Increases your AC’s efficiency
  2. Improves indoor air quality
  3. Eliminates odors
  4. Reduces the risk of mold

Duct Cleaning

Odds are, you can’t see inside the ductwork your air conditioner uses. And, if you could, you probably wouldn’t like what you see. After all, what do you think lurks in a part of your home you can never clean?

Depending on where you live in South Jersey, this service can have a significant impact. Towns like Washington Township have plenty of old suburban homes. Many date back to the 50s. And, the ones that had central air installed later have used ductwork for decades.

That’s years and years of pollutants building up. When you turn on your air conditioner, you’re circulating that stuff throughout your home.

Meanwhile, all that junk is affecting how well your system runs. Sure, an air filter helps trap dust and debris. But, it can’t catch it all. And, it builds up over time.

Even newer homes like many of those in Sicklerville can benefit from a duct cleaning. You’d be surprised how much debris can make its way into your ducts if they were installed during construction. Plus, even after just a few years, you could have a lot of buildup in there.

We’ll look at some of the common reasons for a duct cleaning. But first, we have to address the elephant in the room.

Is duct cleaning a waste of money?

We wouldn’t offer duct cleaning to our customers if we didn’t believe in its benefits. But, search online and you’ll find plenty of people telling you it’s a waste of money. Sometimes, that’s the case. But, in others, duct cleaning provides significant improvements to the air quality in your home.

According to the EPA, duct cleaning hasn’t been around long enough for experts to know exactly how it can affect your health in general. But, the agency points out situations where it’s beneficial:

  1. People in your home suffer from asthma
  2. You have pets that shed a lot
  3. You just moved into a new home
  4. You notice signs of infestation in your vents

For pet owners and people with asthma, a duct cleaning gets rid of the buildup that causes problems. Dust and pollen in the air can make life miserable for people with respiratory issues.

And, anyone with a dog or cat knows how much fur gets all over everything. You can clean it all you want, but fur and dander still get into your vents. When you can’t get to them, they build up.

Now, a real problem for everyone is if you find signs of bug or rodent infestations. If they’re behind the vents, they’re spreading germs and bacteria through the house.

Those contaminants sit in the ducts, then circulate through the house when your system forces air through the ductwork.

Finally, duct cleaning can offer a great start in a new home. After all, you don’t know what went on before you moved in. Investing in a cleaning provides peace of mind.

Duct Cleaning FAQs

Avoid duct cleaning scams in Sicklerville, NJ

Duct cleaning serves an important purpose. But, it’s not always needed. And, unfortunately, it’s a service that’s ripe for scammers. So, you need to know how to spot a bunk deal before it’s too late. Warning signs are:

  1. Cold calls and unsolicited offers
  2. Offers to clean your ducts once a year or more
  3. Non-HVAC professional offering this service

Duct cleaning cold calls

As we’ve seen, not everyone needs a duct cleaning. So, how can someone calling you out of the blue know it’s necessary for your home?

Easy: They don’t. It’s just someone looking to make a quick buck offering something you don’t need. Odds are, they’ll show up without the proper equipment – if they do at all.

Annual duct cleaning isn’t necessary

Similarly, there’s no reason to get your ducts cleaned once a year or more than that. We recommend anywhere from three to seven years between cleanings. Anyone trying to hook you on a plan to do it every few months is scamming you.

Duct cleaning requires an HVAC professional

We’ve heard a lot about carpet cleaning companies offering duct cleaning as an add-on. It seems strange to us. What will they do, shampoo your vents?

The truth is it’s very easy to damage ductwork if you don’t know what you’re doing. Having just anyone come in and do it could mean big repair bills down the line.

Duct cleaning increases system efficiency

If your HVAC system has a lot of debris buildup, duct cleaning can increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. This happens because you increase airflow through your home. And, you’re getting rid of contaminants that can gum up the inner components of an air conditioner or furnace.

Look at it this way: You use an air filter to prevent dust and dirt from getting into your system. But, if you don’t change that filter every few months, eventually it gets blocked up.

Then, your system needs to work harder to push the air through the filter, so it reaches your home.

The same can happen on a larger scale with exceptionally dirty ducts. Eventually, the air can’t make its way through as easily.

Meanwhile, all that junk can get in the way of the fans, blowers, and other moving parts. When that happens, the system can’t do its job as well. Over time, the extra stress leads to a breakdown.

Health and indoor air quality

For many people, health and indoor air quality are a big concern. Contaminants such as dust and pollen in the air can make life miserable for those who have asthma or seasonal allergies.

In these cases, duct cleaning becomes part of a larger plan to improve the air quality in their homes. It often goes alongside air purifiers and stronger air filters.

Air conditioner duct cleaning and mold

One of the most important reasons to get your ducts cleaned is if you have a mold problem. If it’s building up in your ducts, then those spores are circulating all through your house. And, you can’t get in yourself to clean it.
Duct Cleaning From Bovio
Now again, you have to watch for scammers. Anyone can come in with a mold testing kit and convince you that you’re pretty much breathing in poison every minute you’re in the house.

But, a legitimate mold infestation should be treated in part with a duct cleaning. And, as long as you have a trusted HVAC professional doing the work, you’ll breathe easier – literally – knowing the job was done right.

If you’re suffering from poor indoor air quality or notice signs of infestation in your ductwork, contact Bovio today. We’ll let you know if a duct cleaning is right for your home.

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