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Ductless air conditioning and heating is one of the best new technologies in the HVAC world. It is energy efficient, allows for different temperatures in different zones around your home, is whisper quiet, and also doesn’t require any invasive ductwork. But how much does it cost? Just like buying a home or a new car, there are different factors that will affect the cost of your system.

If it looks too good to be true… it probably is. 

You may have seen some ads for a single zone ductless unit for around $1850, with a cheap installation of under $200. Unfortunately, this would be the bottom of the barrel style of ductless system, and that labor is far too low priced. This is one of those, “Too good to be true” situations. No respectable contractor should be installing this system for that low a price, and a decent ductless system wouldn’t be that cheap either.

A single zone unit, fully installed and ready to rock should start at around $4700, and go up from there based on a few factors.

Ductless technology has been around for roughly 50 years, but hasn’t always been available in New Jersey since it’s debut. In Japan, ductless accounts for about 90% of the HVAC systems, and in Europe, it’s around 80%. This is not only because it works well with the type of construction in these areas, but it’s also an extremely efficient and effective system. Costs less to run. Does a better job.

The lack of knowledge and education about ductless technology slowed the initial sales in the United States, but now that more and more people are learning about it, the numbers are growing. The financial incentives that go along with ductless (rebates, lower energy bills, etc.) have made it one of the fastest growing solutions in residential heat pump and air conditioning replacements.

Here are the 4 primary factors that will determine how much a ductless system will cost you in New Jersey:

  1. The size of your unit
  2. The type of unit
  3. How many zones (spaces or areas) do you want air-conditioned
  4. How difficult is the installation – How far are the indoor and outdoor units from each other, the construction of the outer wall to be drilled to carry the line sets, etc.

Because these systems are so customizable, there are different setups you can have for your home or business. You could be installing units around the whole home, just one floor, or maybe even just a single room. Obviously, the more units you have, the more it’s going to cost. At it’s most basic level, here is what goes into a ductless system…

  • At Least One Indoor Wall Unit (Evaporator/Handler)
  • At Least One Outdoor Condenser
  • Line Sets To Connect Everything

Single Zone Installation

Installing a single zone can be a great solution for certain homes. Maybe you already have a system that works well, but doesn’t cool or heat a particular room. This is often a bedroom, basement, garage, attic or addition. Installing a single zone unit can keep that space comfortable, while also limiting the cost of having to replace your old system. Generally, a single zone system will cost anywhere between $4000 and $5700 when fully, professionally installed.
Multi-Zone System 

If you would like to have more than one unit in your home, this is easily done. One outdoor condenser can accommodate up to 5 different indoor units, and you could always add a second condenser if you needed to have more. This is especially important for businesses and commercial buildings. A system consisting of 2 indoor units usually runs between $8700 and $9200. A 5 zone system can be anywhere from around $19,200 to $24,000.

Is Ductless A Good Value? 

These prices seem a little bit steep for a ductless system, but when everything is said and done, they generally end up saving you money in the long run for a few different reasons.

This most prominent reason is the energy efficiency. These systems don’t require ductwork, which is where a lot of energy in a traditional system is lost. Traditional systems and ductwork often have about 20% of the energy wasted through leaky ductwork, and this can even surpass 30%! This means that a good chunk of your energy bill, in the winter and the summer, is going towards nothing but lost energy. This can add up SIGNIFICANTLY over the lifespan of a system.

Another reason these systems are so energy efficient is due to the zoning aspect. If you have 4 units, 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs, you don’t need to be running all 4 at all times. You can use the ones you are around, and can shut off the ones that are in unoccupied rooms, such as a bedroom or basement. You can also adjust the temps to be different. For instance, if you are in the living room and like it to be 70 degrees, while your kids are upstairs and prefer it to be 72 degrees, it can be done! These units work independently of each other, and will eliminate that fight over the thermostat. A traditional system heats or cools the whole house, all the time, at the same temperature. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary energy being used, and your bills running up higher than they have to be.

Maintenance is also very easy on a ductless system compared to a traditional one, bringing the overall cost down.

Finally, there are rebates and financing options that are offered exclusively for this technology, because it is so energy efficient. In an effort to go green, the government has offered incentives to people who try to reduce their energy use by purchasing this energy efficient equipment. New Jersey Clean Energy Program is just one example of a program designed to give incentives to home and business owners who are making this environmentally friendly switch!

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