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There’s always a lot of talk about how important it is to get your HVAC system inspected and tuned up twice a year. But the truth is, a lot of people simply ignore the advice. The usual rationale is that their HVAC system is running fine so it’s a waste of money to have a technician come out to inspect it. Or, they simply don’t want to pay any money unless they absolutely have to.

The logic here doesn’t add up. First, even if you think your HVAC system is running perfectly, there can be a festering problem deep within the system that hasn’t reared its ugly head yet. Not all problems will be obvious to the average homeowner. Also, the cost of an inspection and tune-up is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost you’ll be paying when your HVAC system breaks down on you unexpectedly, or worse.

A family in St. George, Utah discovered what the “or worse” part is when a fire broke out in their home as a result of a malfunctioning furnace motor. A mother and her two children were forced to evacuate their home when it began filling with smoke. The fire department arrived and found that the furnace’s blower motor malfunctioned.

The fire department didn’t report any actual flames, but smoke can do plenty of damage on its own, not to mention how dangerous smoke inhalation can be. Firefighters did report, however, that the family delayed calling for help because they didn’t think it was a big enough emergency to warrant a call to the fire department.

2 big lessons learned from this story

  1. Have your HVAC system inspected! Of course this is the very first lesson. There’s a pretty good chance that had this family kept up with their HVAC inspection schedule, this fire never would’ve happened. HVAC technicians are trained to look for small problems, before they become big problems that turn into emergencies.
  1. Never be afraid to call for help. Whether your home is filling up with smoke, or you see flames shooting out of your furnace like a jet engine, call the fire department! Keeping you safe is their job. It’s much better to call for a minor issue than wait for it to get out of hand.

What can you do right now?

If it has been a while since a professional HVAC technician has inspected your furnace, get it done now. It’s only November, so it’s not too late (it’s never too late) to have someone take a look. If there is an issue, the technician can get it fixed for you, avoiding the potential of a fire or your furnace deciding to quit when it’s below zero outside.

Don’t try to find or diagnose problems yourself, unless you’re trained and know what to look for. People can do more bad than good when they try to take matters into their own hands and fix something themselves. Plus, you risk voiding any warranty, as most manufacturers require a licensed technician to perform maintenance on their equipment.

Call us today

Regardless of how long it has been since your last inspection, call us today and we can get your HVAC equipment up-to-date and it in good working order. Don’t wait until you’re forced to call the fire department.

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