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A resort in Hyannis, Massachusetts had to be evacuated when the HVAC unit in the hotel gym caught fire, filling the room with smoke. The hotel was evacuated while the fire crews cordoned of the area and went about extinguishing the fire. After a brief investigation, the deputy fire chief stated that the HVAC’s motor was to blame for the fire.

Luckily, this was a minor incident that resulted in little damage and no injuries or fatalities. But it could have been a lot worse and it also could have been prevented. While we don’t know the full details of how the HVAC motor caught on fire, it’s a pretty good guess to say it was a maintenance issue.

A good reminder why HVAC maintenance is so important

The HVAC system in any home or building is like the engine of a car – it’s what keeps everything running. And just like a car, the system needs to be properly maintained to prevent breakdowns, minimize wear and tear and extend the life of the equipment.

There are also some more practical reasons for keeping your HVAC system in good working order. Here are a just a few:

More efficient

When the HVAC system is cleaned out regularly, it runs much more efficiently. This translates to you saving money. Dirt and grime can cause the equipment to work harder than it needs to in order to function, increasing your electric and gas bills. The cost of having your HVAC equipment cleaned twice a year is much lower than running an inefficient system.

A longer life for your HVAC system

Like cars, HVAC units can last a long time if they’re well maintained. If a unit is inspected, cleaned and preventative maintenance is performed, the system can easily last for more than a decade. It’s much cheaper to keep it in good working order than to have to replace the entire unit.

Prevent emergencies and emergency repairs

If your HVAC system is inspected on a regular basis, then any problems will likely be found before they become an emergency. No one wants their heater to break when it’s below zero outside in the middle of winter. Regular maintenance can prevent those types of emergencies from happening.

Stay healthy

Your HVAC system is critical to keep the air inside your home or building clean. Clean air means less allergens, bacteria and other dangerous particles that can build up in a ventilation system. This will keep you and your family healthy.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

It’s never too late to get your HVAC unit into good working order. Call us today and we can schedule a professional technician to give your system a detailed inspection. We can also perform any maintenance that needs to be done as well. Don’t wait until you have an emergency!

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