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Money doesn’t grow on trees, but money could be blowing out of your HVAC ducts… metaphorically speaking.

If you could save hundreds every year using many simple (and a few complex) fixes to your HVAC system… would you? Of course you would! Utility bills are a big burden on households today and making these changes allows you to lower your expenses. With that in mind we set out to find the best information that’ll save you money when it comes to your home’s HVAC system.

The methods here range from insulation, lowering your heating cost, and upgrading equipment. There are simply numerous different ways to reduce energy costs in your home.

Insulation: Insulation and air leakage is a vital factor in the cost of your cooling and heating each year. Be sure to examine and insulate any air leaks that your home may have because these leaks change the temperature of your home. This has a huge impact on your cost. Reductions and good insulation will have you saving lots of money!

Replace: Replace old doors and windows because these old home additions are a significant source of air leakage and improper insulation that dramatically raises your monthly bills! New doors and windows will definitely pay for themselves in no time as you save continuously.

New Lighting: Energy efficient light bulbs are a very wise strategy for saving on the electricity bill and keeping your home cooler. Change out your hot and money eating incandescent light bulbs for the much more practical fluorescent light bulbs. They consume 90% less energy constantly and do not give off nearly as much heat.

New Equipment: Get newer equipment and annual upgrades for your many heating, cooling, and electric systems. Higher efficiency systems pay off quickly because they do not need the amount of energy older equipment requires and they run much more cleanly. It will save you lots in no time!

Programmable Thermostats: Programmable Thermostats are a very unique and helpful tool that surprisingly can make a lot of difference especially for people who are gone at work for hours upon hours every day. You can set your thermostat to start cooling or warming your home right before you arrive that way during the day all of the systems won’t be working at keeping your home comfortable. Not having your heater or air conditioner blasting for hours while you are away will save you many dollars over and over again!

Timing: Evening and mornings can be the perfect time for those chores and to run appliances! If you take advantage of the cool hours especially during the hot season of summer will keep your home cooler which will tax your air conditioning system a lot less. This also includes stuff like cooking, which can make a house hot and stuffy.

The Correct Air Ducts: The correct air ducts have the capacity to save you a valuable amount of money. Too many homes today have poor air ducting in their homes which results in air leaks and bad ventilation resulting in an uncomfortable home. This raises that cooling bill!

Keep Out the Sun: This is another way that can save you money on your bill at the end of the month. Proper shading of windows and light from the sun is a very essential strategy in saving those funds. Keep the sun out in order to keep your home cooler!

Let’s take back those hundreds that disappear from us every month at bill time! Put this simple tasks to practice and make the difference today. It is easy to change some light bulbs, and shade your home better. Call technicians and have your home properly insulated to save year round.

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