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Does your water look rusty when coming out of the faucet? Does it smell like sulfur? If you answered yes to these questions or are experiencing other unpleasant problems with your house’s plumbing system, then you need to call a professional plumber. Most issues are quite common and can be resolved easily. However, it’s still important to address the problem when it first arises, rather than letting the problem fester and get worse.

Here are a few common plumbing problems, their causes and how a plumber can help.

Rusty looking water

There are a lot of reasons your water can look a little rusty, some of them are out of your control. A few of these reasons include water main breaks, fire hydrant flushing, system maintenance and nearby construction. A good indication that the rusty water is not caused by a problem in your home’s plumbing is that the water looks rusty regardless if it’s hot or cold. Also, if the problem is outside your home, there’s a good chance your neighbors have rusty water as well.

If the problem is inside your home, there are also several reasons. You might have old pipes that are rusting and leak out while running the faucet. Or you might have too much sediment built up in your hot water heater. Or the water heater might be old and need to be replaced. A qualified plumber can fix any one of these problems.

Water smells like sulfur

If it smells like rotten eggs are coming out of your faucets, then you have water contaminated with hydrogen sulfide. Aside to the nauseating smell, hydrogen sulfide can also corrode your pipes, which will lead to more serious problems. Hydrogen sulfide in the water is most common with water wells, either personal or municipal.

There are several remedies a plumber can use to get rid of that smell. Most often they use one of more of the following: activated charcoal filters, oxidation filtration systems or manganese greensand filters.

Lead contamination

Lead contamination is a problem that mainly affects older homes and can have serious health consequences if not addressed properly.

If your house was built prior to 1980, then the copper pipes in your home’s plumbing were connected with lead solder. Over the decades the lead can begin to contaminate your water. Because it’s not always possible to replace your house’s entire plumbing system, there are filters available that can remove the lead from the water before it comes out of the faucet.

Always call a plumber

Only a professionally licensed plumber can properly diagnose a problem with your plumbing system. Having your plumbing inspected periodically will protect you from potentially dangerous old pipes that can contaminate your drinking water. Replacing pipes is something only a licensed plumber should do because of the risks to your health, and adhering to the national and local plumbing codes.

If you think there’s something in your water that shouldn’t be there, contact us today and we can do an inspection. You have nothing to lose and only cleaner, safer drinking water to gain!

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