Commercial Electric Services

The electrical system is an integral aspect of any commercial space, and no matter what kind of business you run, it needs reliable electricity. Here at Bovio Rubino Service, we offer expert electrical services for all kinds of commercial spaces, including office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, schools, and more. Whether you need electrical services for an existing commercial building, new construction, or an addition, you can count on us to get the job done right.  

As the premier commercial electrician serving the South Jersey area, we offer a full range of commercial electrical services, including:

Commercial Interior and Exterior Lighting 

Restaurant lighting

Whether you want to install new commercial lighting or upgrade your existing lighting system, the Bovio Rubino Service team can help. We can make your commercial space more functional while also improving its aesthetics by installing the right type and amount of lighting. We can also help draw attention to your business with a new exterior lighting design, and make it safer for your employees and customers with sensor lights, walkway and stair lighting, and more.

Commercial Electrical Panel Repairs and Upgrades 

Electrician working on commercial electric panel

When there’s a problem with your building’s electrical panel, business is bound to suffer. Here at Bovio Rubino Service, we can help keep your business’s electrical system running smoothly. Whether your electrical panel is old and needs to be replaced or your building doesn’t have the electrical capacity you need to run your business, our expert electricians can provide the right solution. We offer repairs, replacements, and upgrades for commercial electrical panels in South Jersey.

Commercial Generator Installation

Want to keep your business up and running during a power outage? A generator is the ideal solution. Bovio Rubino Service installs commercial generators for schools, office buildings, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and any other kind of commercial space. We can recommend the right type of commercial generator for your business and ensure essential equipment like your commercial HVAC system, refrigerators, and medical equipment stays on during an outage.

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Bovio Rubino Service is a full-service, licensed commercial electrical company that can handle just about any electrical work you may need for your business. To learn more about our commercial services, or to schedule an appointment, reach out to our team today. We’re proud to serve the South Jersey business community, and you can rest assured that we’ll do everything it takes to get the job done right. 

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