Ductless Systems

Ductless mini split heat pumps don’t need to be connected to ductwork in order to operate, making them an effective and affordable way to increase your home comfort. Mini split systems are ideal for adding heating and cooling to a garage, a new addition, a finished basement, or even your entire home. 

Whether you want to supplement your existing central HVAC system or replace it with an entirely ductless system, Bovio Rubino Service can help. We install ductless mini splits from leading manufacturers, including Mitsubishi and Carrier, and we also offer repair and maintenance services for ductless heat pumps. With decades of experience serving homeowners and businesses throughout South Jersey, we are the company to partner with when you need mini split installation. 

What’s a Ductless Mini-Split & When Should I Choose It?

Ductless air conditioners, or “mini-split” units, are different from traditional HVAC units. They typically consist of a wall-mounted indoor unit that works with an outside compressor. These systems only require a tiny hole to be drilled into the wall, which prevents air leakage or security threats. 

Mini-split systems also allow you to cool or heat a specific room at a time, rather than the entire house. This makes them great for zoned heating and cooling in bedrooms and living rooms.

You should consider getting a mini-split system if you’re looking for AC installation that is easy and fast. Because there’s no need for duct installation, mini-split units can get set up in an instant. Ductless AC units are also incredibly energy efficient, which is great if you’re trying to cut back on energy bills or if you’re a particularly green-minded individual. A ductless unit is also great if you live in a home with multiple other people who have different heating and cooling preferences. A mini-split system can keep your room nice and chilly, and grandma’s room like a sauna!

Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini Split 

  • Has both heating and cooling settings
  • Fix that one room or addition that never seems to be as comfortable as the rest of the house
  • Upgrade to quiet, high-efficiency operation
  • Add contemporary comfort to your older or historic home while preserving its aesthetic charm
  • No need for expensive ductwork renovation or installation to use
  • Significantly reduce your energy costs and reduce fossil fuel use
  • Avoid costly energy loss through leaking or inefficient ducts

Why Install a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump? 

Enjoy Your Sunroom All Year Long!

Use your sunroom every day by adding a ductless mini split air conditioner and heat pump.

With the power to keep your family cool in hot summer weather, and revolutionary new heat pump technology to heat your home even with temperatures outside get down to -13°F, find a heat pump technician near you, like the HVAC experts at Bovio Rubino Service, to turn your favorite room into a year-round sanctuary with a mini split. 

The Perfect Fit for Homes With History

Owning a historic Moorestown or Haddonfield home is more than just is a source of pride—it comes with genuine responsibility. When high New Jersey humidity is causing structural or comfort problems in your home, ductless heat pump installation is the answer.

Retain the integrity of your historic home and stay cozy year-round with a ductless heating and cooling solution from Bovio Rubino Service and Mitsubishi Electric, the worldwide leader in ductless air conditioner and heating technology and makers of the best mini split heat pumps for cold weather.

Save on Energy Costs with Zoned Temperature Control

Airflow through many South Jersey homes is often blocked by walls, doors, and irregular construction angles, frequently making it difficult to keep all the rooms, floors, and zones in your home comfortable with one thermostat and complicated, often improperly designed and installed ductwork.

Maybe you find you spend most of your time in just two or three rooms and you want to limit your energy consumption to conditioning those spaces only most of the year, or there are members of your family who prefer a different temperature in their room. Ductless mini splits enable you to set the temperature at custom levels in different areas, leading to a happier family and greater energy savings.

Versatile Heating and Cooling for Both Residential and Commercial Buildings

Find out how Mitsubishi ductless can transform your living space. 

Learn how ductless can keep any commercial space comfortable.

Carrier Ductless Air Conditioners

HVAC technicians trust Carrier as the premier manufacturer of ductless AC systems. Carrier products can be found across the world, creating safe and comfortable environments no matter what country they’re placed in. The Carrier mini-split AC unit has endless configuration options, allowing it to work seamlessly in virtually any home. It doesn’t matter if you have a house that gets weirdly hot or cold in a certain area, are planning to add on a room or renovate a current one, or anything else—a Carrier ductless AC unit can meet your needs.

Here are a few more advantages of a Carrier ductless AC unit:

  • Quiet: With a continually adjusting compressor, you’ll never hear the click or startup of your unit again.
  • Flexible: Because there are so many system and configuration options, you’re guaranteed to maximize the space and needs of your home.
  • Cost–effective: Carrier and Bovio Rubino Service offer many different pricing options to fit your budget.

Get started with a Carrier ductless AC system by calling Bovio Rubino Service at 856-272-7000 or contacting us now!

Professional Ductless AC Repair and Maintenance for Your South Jersey Home

Having a ductless air conditioner is a great way to keep your home feeling cool and comfortable all year long, while also increasing energy efficiency. When your ductless mini-split needs repairs or maintenance, Bovio Rubino Service is here to offer you the comprehensive, quality services you need, right when you need them! Our highly trained HVAC technicians are skilled in repairing a variety of issues that mini-splits may run into, and we are also pros at providing routine, preventative maintenance for your ductless system. Some common signs that your ductless AC system needs repairs or maintenance include:

  • Unresponsive controls
  • Higher than usual electric bill
  • Reduced cooling output
  • Grinding noise coming from your indoor unit
  • Ice formation on your outdoor unit’s cooling coils

If you’re experiencing any of these indicators that there’s something amiss with your ductless mini-split, don’t stress! Call the friendly experts at Bovio Rubino Service at 856-272-7000 or contact our team online and we’ll get an experienced technician to your South Jersey home quickly to provide comprehensive maintenance and repairs! 

Ductless AC Providers in the Southern New Jersey Area

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