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Air Quality

Though it seems counterintuitive, the short answer is no, indoor air quality is not better than outside air. If you think about it, as homes have become better insulated and airtight, there’s less opportunity to exchange inside air with fresh air from outside. Poor ventilation can cause indoor air quality to suffer, which in turn can increase allergy symptoms and make your home harder to keep clean. The indoor air quality experts at Bovio Rubino can identify the causes and point to solutions for poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Pleasantville or Avalon NJ home.

What are the Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air can become less healthy from several different—and common— sources in the average household. 

  • Off-gassing from carpets and furniture 

Fabrics and fibers used in carpeting, window treatments, and furniture are often treated with formaldehyde and other chemicals to stabilize the fabric. After installation, the formaldehyde slowly off-gasses into your home. It’s that “new car smell” that often accompanies new furnishings.

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from cleaning products & paint

The chemicals contained in many household cleaning products as well as paint products contain volatile organic compounds which also disperse over time into your indoor air. VOCs can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat and long-term exposure can have adverse health effects.

  • Combustion by-products from your heating system, like carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a colorless odorless gas that is deadly if it is not detected and resolved. Other combustion by-products such as smoke from cooking stoves can also irritate your sinuses and smell.

  • Dusty or dirty ductwork 

Ductwork does the work of circulating heated or cooled air around your home. Dirt, allergens, and dust can collect and build up inside ductwork if the ductwork is not properly sealed or is poorly maintained.

  • Pet dander

Your furry friends can shed dander that can cause allergies in some family members. Poor ventilation and air circulation can lead to a buildup of these dander particles and increase allergy symptoms.

  • Mold

Mold and mildew resulting from excess moisture levels inside your Stone Harbor NJ home can cause serious respiratory issues as well as make your home smell musty.

What are the Solutions to Improve IAQ?

The team at Bovio Rubino have more than four decades of experience serving your South New Jersey-area neighbors. We’ve got the expertise to tackle air quality problems and provide whole home solutions to clear the air as well as improve efficiency, comfort, and health. Here are five ways to tackle improving your indoor air quality:

Heating & Cooling System Maintenance

Since your HVAC system circulates the air in your home, making sure it is operating at peak efficiency is essential to improving IAQ, as well as keeping heating and cooling costs down. A yearly maintenance checkup for both heating and cooling systems, including a filter change, can make a big improvement in IAQ. Testing for carbon monoxide leaks is an essential part of routine maintenance that could be lifesaving.

Duct Cleaning

HVAC ductwork cleaning and inspection can pinpoint leaks and poor duct sealing that could be sucking contaminants from your attic and circulating them throughout your Mount Laurel NJ home. 

Air Sealing

Air sealing or weatherization is essential to keeping outside allergens out of your indoors. Many homes have small gaps and cracks in the walls, ceilings, and attic that allow outside air to seep inside. This outside air cuts down on your heating and cooling efficiency and can add to IAQ problems, including asthma and respiratory symptoms. A home energy audit by the experts at Bovio Rubino can identify where your home is leaking air. Once those gaps are sealed, your insulation can work as designed and your energy costs can be reduced.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can filter out allergens, pet dander, dust, and harmful indoor air pollutants to ensure a healthy home with great IAQ. Bovio Rubino Service has long experience with air purification products and can identify the right air purifier for your Cherry Hill NJ home.

Dehumidifier & Humidifier Services

Moisture control is an essential component to indoor air quality improvement as well as overall comfort. Whether it’s removing humidity using a dehumidifier or adding moisture during the dry winter months, Bovio Rubino has you covered with our selection of top humidity control products.

Do you have a year-round cold that just won’t quit? 

Your home’s poor indoor air quality may be making you sick! Contact  (888) 258-4904 the indoor air quality experts at Bovio Rubino for healthy home solutions.

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