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Every home has its own heating quirks, as does every family. Some families even share heating tips like they share turkey recipes at Thanksgiving! And while those tips from “Weird Uncle Larry” may be good for getting through the appetizer course, there are a few myths you should look out for when it comes to heating your Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, Atlantic, Cumberland, or Salem County home. 

“Closing ductwork vents in unused rooms saves money”

If you aren’t using it, put it away, right? It would make sense to assume that if you aren’t spending much time in a room that has an air vent, close it and you can save energy. Unfortunately, this can cause an air pressure imbalance in your ductwork, wasting energy (and money) while forcing your heating system to work overtime and incurring more wear and tear.

“Ceiling fans are only useful in summer”

You may remember your ceiling fan when you need some relief from the summer sweat — but did you know you can also use your ceiling fan in the winter? The heat in your home will lift to the ceiling in search of the colder temperatures under your roof and accumulate. Flip the direction switch on the top of your ceiling fan, and turn it to a low speed to efficiently keep the temperatures in your living space more consistent. 

“Space heaters are efficient and save money on heating in the winter”

Space heaters may provide some immediate relief from the bitter cold in that hard-to-keep-warm room, but the amount of energy that a space heater requires will have you even more frustrated at your failing heating system. If you are resorting to space heaters, Bovio Rubino Service may have a more efficient solution! It may be adding a mini-split, or upgrading your ductwork design to include zoning. 

“Turning up the thermostat temp will make your home warmer, faster”

Unless you have a multi-stage furnace that can operate at many speeds, your furnace will only have two settings: on, and off. No matter what temperature you set your thermostat, your furnace can only heat up your home at one speed. This can get a little frustrating when you have returned home from a winter vacation and you want your house to get warm, quick! Set your thermostat to the temperature that feels the most comfortable to you once your home is warm, and leave it! This reduces energy wasted heating your home past your desired temperature. 

“A bigger heating system is always better”

If you find yourself feeling the lukewarm air coming out of your vents and saying “I think we need a bigger furnace,” we feel your pain. It is easy to chalk up a heater that won’t work right to incorrect furnace sizing – however, there are multiple factors that can cause a properly sized furnace to struggle. Things like:

  • Poor insulation 
  • Too many air leaks in the ductwork
  • Too many air leaks in the home
  • Bad ductwork design

There are times when addressing problems with the overall efficiency of a home can make all the difference when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment!

Looking for a hand getting your heating up and running? Schedule a heating repair with Bovio Rubino Service today, at (888) 258-4904 or you can get in touch here.

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