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On a hot summer day in South Jersey, your AC should be providing cool conditioned air throughout the house to keep you and your family comfortable. But what happens when your central AC is running but it’s not lowering the temperature in your home?

Whether you’re suffering from an air conditioner that can’t keep up on hot days or an air conditioner that’s not blowing cold air but running, Bovio Rubino Service is here to help! Here are a few ideas about what could be going on with your Mount Laurel or Sicklerville home’s air conditioning to let you know whether this is a DIY fix or if you need AC repair.

1. Are You Having Thermostat or Power Problems?

Sometimes the solution is right in front of us… and it’s an easy fix! Before calling for AC service, make sure you confirm that your AC’s thermostat is set to “Cool” and not “Auto” (and make sure the batteries aren’t dead!).

Then, check to see if a circuit breaker has been tripped. Most ACs have the indoor and outdoor components connected to different breakers, so if your outside unit’s breaker has tripped, you could have a situation where your AC’s running, but it’s not cooling your house.

2. How Hot Is It Outside?

Air conditioners are only designed to cool your home to about 20 degrees less than the temperature outside. So if it’s 85 out, 65 degrees inside should be no problem. If it’s 105 out, your AC will likely struggle to reach 65, even if your unit is running properly. By turning the temperature down, you’ll be putting lots of additional wear and tear on your unit that can shorten its lifespan and lead to more frequent breakdowns.

3. Is Your Air Filter Dirty?

Your HVAC system’s air filters are designed to remove dust, dirt, pet dander, and other air pollutants and particulates from the air circulating through your ductwork. These filters need to be changed periodically, as more particulates build up. If you haven’t changed your filter in a long time, it could be so clogged that it’s affecting your AC operation.

4. Does Your Outdoor Condenser Unit Need to Be Cleaned?

The outdoor component of your AC needs to be kept clear of debris so your system can properly remove heat from the air in your home. You can clean your condenser yourself (there are plenty of video tutorials available online), but if you want to be sure that you’ve cleaned it correctly and your air conditioner is working properly and as efficiently as possible, an AC maintenance call is your best bet.

5. Do You Have a Refrigerant Leak?

Refrigerant is the fluid that absorbs heat from the air in your home and carries it outside to keep you comfortable. If you don’t have enough refrigerant, your AC will struggle to cool the air. It’s also a sign of a much larger problem—too little refrigerant means you have a leak, which is a significant issue for an air conditioner and should be addressed immediately by a qualified HVAC technician.

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These are only 5 of the different ways that an AC can be running but not be properly cooling your home—others include:

  • Leaky ductwork
  • A malfunctioning compressor
  • Frozen evaporator coils

The best thing you can do when you’re trying to fix an air conditioner that’s not cooling is to call the professionals at Bovio Rubino Service. Since 1974, we’ve been helping homeowners solve cooling problems during the hottest South Jersey summer days—from repair and maintenance to AC installation and replacement—and our technicians are well-trained on all of the various ways that a cooling system (of any make and model) can fail.

Is your cooling system struggling to cool your home? Call (888) 258-4904 or contact us today for fast AC service!

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