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How Smart Thermostats Help Your Commercial Building in Cherry Hill, NJ

Smart thermostats aren’t just for homes! The advantages they offer for your house also apply to your business. And, they can make an even bigger impact in an office building, retail space, kitchen, eatery, or any commercial building in or near Cherry Hill, NJ.

In this post, we’ll look at what these new devices can bring to the table for your business. And, if you’re interested in learning more, give us a call here at Bovio. We’ve been serving homes and commercial spaces in Cherry Hill, Sicklerville, Washington Township, and plenty of other towns in South Jersey for more than 40 years.

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Benefits Of Smart Thermostats In Commercial Buildings

  1. Better control over multiple devices
  2. Managing an easy-to-use interface
  3. Saving money with better energy usage
  4. Getting alerts when you’re not there

Smart Thermostats Conserve Energy and Save Money

Let’s get right to the bottom line — or, more accurately, how smart thermostats can affect yours. These devices can reduce the amount of energy your building uses. The less energy you use, the less you pay for every month. Depending on the building, some businesses have lowered their energy bills by up to 23 percent.

You can thank the “smart” part for that. The thermostats do more than regulate the temperature. They can also change it on their own.

These devices keep tabs on when people are in a room and when they’re not. To do this, they’ll use sensors or geofencing capabilities by linking to your smartphone.

This way, they keep your setting as low as possible for as long as possible. It’s the next best thing besides someone standing next to the device all the time and adjusting it.

In fact, in some ways, it’s even better. Over time, the devices “learn” your habits. They’ll know when you’re open and when you’re not; when a store is busy and when there’s downtime. And, they’ll program themselves to adjust according to that schedule.

Smart Thermostats From Bovio

Smart Thermostats Control Multiple Devices in a Commercial Building

Furnace, air conditioning, zoned HVAC, a humidifier for the winter, a dehumidifier for the summer — who knew it could take so many devices to keep your commercial building comfortable? With smart thermostats, you can control them all with one device.

Part of the “smart” here is that the devices are wifi-enabled. So, you can communicate with them from any of your devices. Phone, tablet, laptop – if you have internet access, you can see your thermostat.

From there, it’s just a matter of linking all your devices to the same app. This way, all your thermostats are at your fingertips.

Easy-To-Use Interfaces

Of course, having everything all in one place doesn’t mean much if it’s difficult to make sense of it all. But, one thing we’ve heard from homeowners, tenants, property managers, and business owners is that the apps are intuitive and easy to use.

The first thing you’ll see is a visual representation of the thermostat with the current temperature. From there, you can make adjustments on the touchscreen by dragging your finger across the image as if it were the real thing.

Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find all sorts of features just a click or two away. You can see how much energy you’ve used on a given day, and if there were any unusual spikes or dips (more on that in a little bit).

You can also view — and change — the schedules you’ve set up for your HVAC system and more. And, you don’t even have to type if you don’t want to. The app also responds to voice commands.

For property managers and business owners, these features are even more critical. Odds are, you’re managing multiple devices at once. Using an intuitive, visual interface is a huge plus.

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Getting Alerts After-Hours

Sure, an alarm goes off if someone breaks a window or there’s a fire. But what if your furnace dies? Or, there’s a leak, and the AC isn’t keeping the place cool enough?

In these cases, you probably won’t know until someone arrives the next morning and finds the place unusable until you fix the problem. If it’s that bad, you’ll add lost revenue to the expense of a repair.

Of course, a smart thermostat can’t fix the problem for you. But, it can let you know right away so you can get someone on the case.

A lot of problems with your HVAC system cause a spike in energy usage. Sometimes, it’s something you won’t notice for weeks. Then, there may be a sudden jump in the energy bills that gets you wondering if something’s up.

Or, it happens after-hours, where no one notices it until the next day.

Either way, you’ll get an alert on your app as soon as your device notices the problem. This gives you plenty of time to get repairs started to minimize the impact.

And, it’ll save you more money and headaches in the long run if you’ve got a problem that’s developing slowly. Nipping any system failure in the bud is always the best option.

There’s a lot these new smart devices can do. And, figuring it all out, especially in a commercial setting, can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, Bovio is here to help.

Not only do we install these in homes and businesses throughout South Jersey. We also walk you through the features so you can make the most of them. Give us a call or email us to set up a free consultation, and we’ll help you make your building easier to manage.

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