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Why It’s Worth Replacing Your AC in the Fall

We get it: Summer’s over, and your air conditioner isn’t exactly a top priority. Even if it’s not working anymore, or on it’s way out, it’s not like you’ll need it for a while. In fact, you’re probably now getting your heater ready for another winter.

However, if a new central air system is already in the cards for next year, you may be better off taking care of it in the fall rather than next spring.

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Why should I replace my air conditioner at the end of the summer?

There are four big reasons to replace an air conditioner in the fall or end of summer instead of waiting until the spring:

  • You’ll spend less money
  • You’re prepared for unexpected heat
  • There’s more time to research options
  • It’s an easier time to get the work done

Save money by replacing your air conditioner in the off-season

The biggest reason to consider replacing an air conditioner in the offseason is that it will cost you less money. You’ll save money by:

  • Getting better pricing
  • Choosing the best unit
  • Getting more done at the same time

Cost is usually the biggest concern when someone is shopping for central air. So, we’ll look at some ways you can save money by doing it at the end of summer or early autumn.

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Avoid annual increases

We’ve noticed that the cost of a new condenser increases by up to eight percent every year. So, if you’re looking at the price of a new unit in the summer, know that it’ll be more by the time you look again next year.

To avoid that increase, you can make your investment in the fall, before next year’s (higher) prices kick in.

Even an increase as small as six percent can save you anywhere from $50 to a few hundred. The more you spend, the more you save.

When you spend more on your new AC, you’re likely getting one that uses less electricity. That also means you’re spending less on your electric bills in the summer.

And, if you invest in a high-efficiency unit, you can take advantage of rebate offers from NJ Clean Energy.

In our last blog, we looked at how to get money back on certain heaters. There are similar offers for cooling units, too.

Doing your research for a new AC

Here’s the problem with waiting until you need cooling to buy a new unit: You have to choose one right away. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to do your homework — and skipping that step can cost you.

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Even if you’ve had central air before, it may be worth it to get a load calculation before you pick out a new one. This process is when an HVAC tech accounts for several factors to determine how much cooling your home needs.

Without this, you might get a unit that’s too weak or too powerful for your house. It happens more than you may think. And, either of those will end up costing you more money.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of options out there, from traditional condensers to high velocity to ductless cooling. When you’re working in the off-season, you can work with a trusted HVAC professional to find the one that’s best for your home.

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Are you prepared for another heatwave?

It was a simpler time: The weather would get cooler in September. Then, it started getting hotter again in May. Now, it seems, anything goes. And, that means high temperatures well after Labor Day — or before Memorial Day Weekend.

That means holding off on getting a new AC until the spring means sweating it out during a heatwave in the fall or early spring.

You’ll be stuck with just fans, open windows, or maybe shelling out extra money for an inefficient portable air conditioner.

When you add that expense to the cost of a new AC in just a few months, you’ll see how much extra money you spent.

Benefits of replacing your system in the off-season

As you might have realized, summer and winter are the busy seasons for an HVAC company. That’s when everyone’s equipment is working the hardest. So, it’s when we do the most time-consuming repairs and installs. We usually end up with a backlog.

But, that clears up in the milder weather. Then, we focus on winterizing homes or tune-ups. It’s still important, but these jobs take way less time.

That means our schedules are open. We’ll have more time to get back to you even quicker than we usually do. And, it’s easier to find an installation time that’s best for you.

Buying a Heater and AC Together Can Save You Money

If the thought of having to replace both your furnace or boiler and central air at the same time sends shivers down your spine, we don’t blame you. After all, each one on its own is a significant expense. But, in certain circumstances, there’s a silver lining to that cloud.

Or, maybe it’s a green lining. You know, the color of cash.

Yes, there are opportunities to save money when you change out your entire HVAC system at the same time. As you head into the cold weather, that could mean a new central air system along with a heater.

First thing, you’ll optimize both your systems. Even if you purchase units that are comparable to your old ones, they’ll still use less energy.

That’s because HVAC systems on the way out tend to use more energy than they should. So, you’re in for an upgrade.

And, in some circumstances, matching your heating and cooling system will help both work more efficiently.

Finally, depending on the size and scope of the job, you may get a discount for doing it all at once.

Now, we’re not saying this is always the best way to go. In fact, it’s probably not if one or both of your units are under a decade old.

But, if your entire system is aging and due for retirement, talk to a trusted HVAC professional about whether it’s a good idea to do it all at once.

And, if you live in South Jersey, be sure to give us a call for a free consultation. Bovio has been serving Sicklerville, Medford, Washington Township, Cherry Hill and other nearby towns for more than 40 years. We’ll help you find the perfect system for your house — and get it installed when it’s best for you.

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