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Would you drive your car for years without having the oil changed? Absolutely not! Your car would run badly, and eventually, break down years before it is supposed to. The same applies to your air conditioning and heating system. It’s a major appliance that should be in your home for years, so having a professional come out and service your system is more important than you may realize. In New Jersey, we have equally hot and cold seasons, so your systems should each be checked once a year, preferably before the summer or winter respectively.

So how is this a benefit to your system? You may have heard in the past that you should have your system serviced, or maybe even been recommended a service plan. you may know that it’s good for the system, but what exactly are the benefits of having a service done. Here are a few that you should be able to see for yourself!

  1. Your System Does A Better Job

    The main focus of a service is to make sure your system is running at tip-top shape. With regular maintenance, your system will do the best job of cooling that it can. If you leave this go for years, you will probably notice that the system doesn’t do the same job of cooling that it once did.

  2. Your System Runs More Efficiently

    If you go for a while without service, your system will likely lose some of its efficiency. This means it will use more energy to attempt to do the job. This puts more stress on the system and also runs up your energy bills.

  3. You Will Save Money On Energy Bills

    As mentioned above, increased efficiency means you will use less energy to cool your home off. When you use less energy, you spend less money on energy bills. It’s really that simple!

  4. Your System Will Last Longer

    Your air conditioning and heating systems should last for 10+ years. We’ve seen systems that have lasted 20+ years! Having regular service is the key to making sure your system lasts as long as it possibly could. Without having maintenance done on your system, it will likely result in breakdowns, and eventually an early demise for your HVAC system.

  5. Your Will Need Fewer Repairs

    As mentioned above, when you service your system, it’s less likely to break down. This means fewer emergency calls for repairs, leading to less money and headaches spent on the air conditioner breaking down.

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    Having your AC serviced will help in many ways, and it’s easy to schedule a service. The best way to make sure your system is taken care of is by investing in a service plan.

    Service Plans

    Having a service plan is a great way to not only ensure that you have maintenance scheduled each year, but also to save money on your maintenance. The Bovio Comfort Shield is a great option for South Jersey residents who want to make sure their HVAC equipment is taken care of every year!

    Learn More About The Bovio Comfort Shield

    Comfort Shield Member Benefits

    • The Comfort Shield Program may help pay for itself in energy savings alone.
    • According to Energy Star, up to 80% of all A/C and heating failures.
    • Energy Star states that proper maintenance by a qualified technician is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent further problems
    • Annual service can eliminate dangerous problems and maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Comfort Shield Program

    • Timely and proper maintenance
    • Correction of developing problems
    • Lower life cycle costs
    • Spend Less & Get More
    • Specialized Testing
    • Quality Technical Personnel (QTP)

    Learn More About The Bovio Comfort Shield

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