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Face it; air conditioning can be expensive, even for a small house. But you can’t sit in a ninety-degree house all summer. Right? So staying cool becomes a top priority during the hot summer months. The trick is to balance staying cool with saving money, which isn’t always easy considering today’s high-energy costs.

Aside from the standard ways of saving money, like using a programmable thermostat or buying an energy efficient AC unit, there are also some more, uh, unconventional methods that might cost you little to no money at all.

  1. Keep your house shaded with trees

Trees are not only good for the environment, but also your wallet. Keeping your house in natural shade will keep the inside cooler; limiting the amount of time your AC unit needs to run.

If you don’t want to wait years and years for a new sapling to grow big enough to shade your house, then plant smaller trees that will shade your condenser unit. This reduces the amount of work the unit has to do to cool things down, and could use 10% less electricity.

  1. Wet shirt and a fan

Seriously, find an old t-shirt and soak it in cool water, then put it on. Then sit in a room with a fan running. You’ll be surprised at how cool this will keep you. Best part is, fans use very little electricity, and so you’ll be saving big bucks on your utility bill.

  1. Buy a “Chillow”

Are you too hot at night? Do you wake up and your pillow is soaked like a sponge? A Chillow can solve both of these problems. A Chillow is not like an ice pack, so you don’t need to keep it in the freezer before bed. Just add water! The Chillow is designed to pull heat away from your head and keep you cool.

  1. Keep your drapes closed

If you have sun beaming into your house all day, then of course it’s going to get a little toasty. Buy a good pair of sun blocking drapes and keep them closed during the day. You won’t be able to watch the kids skateboarding outside, but you’ll stay much cooler.

  1. Stay hydrated

Believe it or not drinking the right amount of water can keep you cooler. Also, since you sweat more when it’s warm, drinking enough water will prevent you from becoming dehydrated.

  1. Take a break from using your stove and oven

Why would you want to produce more heat in your house when it’s already too hot? Stoves and ovens are like a furnace and blast hot air into your kitchen. Try to think of meals that don’t require turning on heat-producing appliances.

Yes, you can still barbeque outside.

  1. Call us to find out how you can save money without going to extremes to stay cool.

Air Conditioning doesn’t have to be expensive. Let us guide you in finding the perfect solution to your home cooling needs. Don’t get stuck in the heat this summer.

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