How Do I Know I Need Heating Repair?

It’s important to call for heating repair at the first signs of a problem so you can prevent further damage to your heating equipment and avoid an unexpected disruption in service. Signs include:

  • Lack of comfort – A heating repair expert will quickly diagnose the issue and find a solution to restore comfort to your home.
  • Strange noises – Call for heating repair if you notice any sudden, loud, or unusual noises coming from your furnace, boiler, or heat pump, including rattling, banging, squealing, humming, and more.
  • Unusual odors – An acrid, metallic smell may be a sign of damaged wiring, while a smell resembling rotten eggs is indicative of a gas leak, and you should immediately evacuate your home and call for emergency heating repair.
  • Weak airflow – This issue may be caused by a clogged air filter, disconnected, dirty, or damaged ducts, or the vents may be blocked by draperies, furnishings, or other objects.
  • Increased dust production – If you find yourself needing to dust more often, it may be time to change your air filter or have your ducts inspected and/or cleaned.
  • Rising energy bills – An unexpected rise in the cost of energy is a sign your heating system is losing efficiency and may need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Uneven temperatures between rooms – If some rooms are warmer than others, your heating system may be improperly sized for your home or there may be issues with your ductwork. Check to ensure all supply vents are open and free of obstruction before calling for heating system repair.